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Thread: dirt cheap hp touchpad tablets starting 8/20

  1. dirt cheap hp touchpad tablets starting 8/20

    since HP is folding their consumer lines, their touchpad tablets are all at liquidation prices so if you ever wanted a tablet but couldn't justify the $500 cost now's your chance!

    $99 for the 16GB version, $149 for the 32GB version starting today at most locations

  2. developers are still gonna support webos, plus I'm sure people are already working on porting android/other linux over to it

  3. It's going to get shit support from shit developers, and it seems silly to buy a device on the hope android will be ported to it. I think it's a waste of money.
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  4. I would get the 16gb just for some fun. It is a decent tablet if you don't mind that aren't going to be any future apps.

  5. yeah I actually went and bought one about an hour ago cause fuck it, it's only $100

    webOS is pretty nice, and it's got a good selection of apps (but I guess they're interchangable with hp phones since it seems to use the same software repository/store)

    e: there's like 5 versions of angry birds holy shit

  6. Fuck it, I just want to surf the web. $99 sounds about right.

  7. Hurrrr, can't find it on saw it on the .ca site though.

  8. Went hunting for one, this shit's done. Went to some of the most obscure, hidden-ass stores and even they said they sold out immediately when they opened their doors.

    Probably one or two jackasses buying up all of them in most cases, I'm sure. Hope those eBayin' faggots all get dick rot.

  9. Ebay has ruined so many awesome things.


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