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Thread: Burning Man: A TNL Discussion Topic

  1. Burning Man: A TNL Discussion Topic

    So I thought it was corny enough when I was under the impression that it was free. Just show up and start (continue?) acting like a retard, right? WRONG!

    My chiropractor just told me that tickets go from $200 to $500 or something. I refuse to research it because Burning Man was dumb enough to me when I thought it was just brokeass, grubbyass hippies getting together to pollute some region other than the one they live in. But now that I'm finding out that it's the wealthy who are getting together to pollute some region other than the one they live in I am triple digustified about the whole stupid thing.


  2. I don't know what to say about it. The flip flop wearing neckbeards I know sure do seem interested in it.

  3. Burning Man is for rich bored white people. Of course you have to pay. It's basically the same concept as those shitty Woodstocks they did in the 1990's.

  4. People were trying to get me to go ten or 15 years ago but having already been to the Oregon Country Fair a couple of times I was lightning quick to decline.

  5. wat

  6. Well you see diffusionx, I thought it was for broke people. Just drive your shitty VW bus out into the middle of the desert and commence with the bad music/dancing with whoever you find out there. It seemed to me like there was no kind of control over admission. I was under the impression that this was countercultural to the point where they would laugh at your money. That was the part I liked. The people and their activities and music would, practically by design, cause me annoyance. But saying FU to the man is something I can really really get behind. Unfortunately I find out they're not saying that at all.

  7. Everyone has to pay rent.

  8. Counterculture is a marketing brand.

  9. How much of the ticket sales do you suppose are being paid to the state of Nevada for rent?

    It's stupid and corny no matter how you slice it. I just thought it was slightly less of both before I found out that it is merely a cash grab.

  10. You are clearly and obviously correct Diff, but people would have had you believe that this one was somehow the real deal. Being way out there in the desert like that, I once suspected that there may have been a shred of truth to that notion.


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