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Thread: BETA: New Activity-Based Reward System

  1. Treasure BETA: New Activity-Based Reward System

    Some of you will initially recoil at this, but I think you'll see it's benefits after you give it a chance. I have installed an activity hack that will issue achievements and points for different actions you take on the forums.

    For instance, you receive an achievement after making your first post, another after 100 posts, another at 1000, another still at 10,000, and a final one at 25,000 posts. There are fifty-one achievements in all, with your last five displaying under your avatar and all of them on display in your profile. The tasks are broken down into three primary levels, according to how involved they are. Though some of you will start out with most of the icons already earned, there are two that it is impossible to have at this point: one for being registered ten years and one for unlocking all the other achievements. A guide is forthcoming, but most of it can be figured out from using the hack itself.

    Points and other criteria will be used to give you extra entries into contests. The first use of this will be in this month's giveaway of Gears of War 3: Epic Edition. They will also be used to automatically promote new members into full members and full members into the TNL Legends group, which will also grant special privileges, yet to be announced.

    Once I enable the hack, there will be a tab added to each of your profiles and a row of icons under your avatars. There will also be leaderboards, reports, and a reference accessible via a link under the Community menu in the top navigation. You will be able to see the top ten users with the most points for starting threads, voting in polls, etc.

    Finally, you will have the means to design and issue your own awards to anyone on the forums. You can make the icon in your favorite program or use the image editor that is built in to the forums (again, it is accessible via the navigation at the top of the page). This feature has a lot of potential, and there will probably be a guide posted in a couple of days. This is all still in a beta test phase, but that will be short-term. I expect to offer the award issuing capability to subscribers, and there will be other awards the whole community can vote on.

    Anyway, I'll flip the switch in a bit. You can discuss the hack in this thread.
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    Retroactive or GTFO

  3. All the way back to the first day.

  4. Top tier.

  5. This could be neat.

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    Request: reset the rep count once doc comes back.
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  7. I've been on TNL way longer than 10 years. Are you telling me because of the reboot I can't get the achievement? I am disappoint.

  8. Speaking of Doc, I was going to lift the ban a couple of weeks early. Thanks for reminding me.

  9. Address my post.

  10. It'll be three days later for you. Yoshi didn't re-register on the first day either, as I recall. The system awards the achievements, and it goes by the date registered in this case.

    Maybe the best part of this new system is the custom-designed awards, anyway. I think that's what most people will look at after a while.

    It'll be live soon.


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