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Thread: Custom T-Shirts

  1. Custom T-Shirts

    If I had a few designs I wanted to have printed on a t-shirt, what would be the best site to do so on in terms of print quality, cost, etc. Zazzle? Red Bubble? Where Frogacuda got the infamous Rape Cake shirts made up a few years ago? I have no idea about this shit.

    The designs would be in color, and not crazy large positioned in weird places or anything (they'd cover just the chest area). American Apparel tees greatly preferred. Thx!

  2. I've got a friend that does screen printing... if you were doing 10 or so, I bet pricing would be reasonable. PM me specifics and I'll check into it if you'd like?

  3. I've got a bunch of Red Bubble shirts. I was really pleased at the quality. They're a little costly though.
    Boo, Hiss.

  4. How much does it cost to print like, a single shirt?

    I know I could google, but if anyone here has made a single one what did you pay? I have images from those internets that I'd love to put on a shirt but money is a big factor.

  5. Screen printing... probably like $70. That's why you gotta make a bunch.

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    I still wear, and get compliments on, the rape cake shirt.

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    If you want to invest the time and (test run) money, you can do it pretty cheap with learning to do screen printing yourself.

    The big thing is that the screen printing and bottles of chemicals/ink are going to run you like $100 for each set up. Which isn't bad if you make more than 50 shirts.

  8. Josh, Cheeks- Not really looking to run off a large number of shirts. Just a few for me and maybe a couple of friends. I've noticed that sites like Red Bubble and others do print-on-demand type stuff, I was just wondering if that was the way to go or not. Still, I'll PM you Josh...if a run of 10 or more is reasonably priced, I might just say fuck it and go that way.

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    I still wear, and get compliments on, the rape cake shirt.
    I'm honored.

  9. I do my own screenprinting, but my setup right now is kind of fucked (i need a new lightbox) or I would totally offer to do it for you. If you go through you can order one or a few of them, a single one for like $35-40 a piece, but it's pretty expensive. I would suggest your best bet would be going to craigslist and finding some indie kid who can do silkscreen short runs for you for cash.

    Josh - how reliable would you say your guy is? I am looking to have some stuff printed up but I need about 10-20 shirts in different sizes and within 2-3 weeks.
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    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

  10. He did 30 for me in about a week. Great quality. Check your rep for his name, then look him up on FB. Tell him Josh sent you. Do it today.


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