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Thread: Do You Seperate A Person's Output From Their Politics/Actions?

  1. Do You Seperate A Person's Output From Their Politics/Actions?

    The Orson Scott Card discussion got me to thinking about this. When Micheal Vick was accused of torturing dogs, I heard a lot of people saying "So what, let him play football still! I got no ish with what he does in his free time!" When Clinton lied about Lewinski, I heard a lot of people saying, "So what, let him be president still! I got no ish with what he does in his free time!"
    Do you care what a person does in their free time, as long as they continue to perform whatever duty you've come to expect from them?

  2. Sometimes? I find it very hard, if not impossible to listen to Ben Weasel's music anymore, knowing that he is a crazy, right-wing, agoraphobic douchebag who levels personal attacks at people that don't like his records.

  3. For those who say it depends, what is more likely to get you to turn on someone, diametrically opposing political views or breaking the law?

  4. Vick - Eh, Kinda? He did his time and was apologetic. I understand there are culture things I will never understand
    Clinton - Who the fuck cares
    Card - Hateful prick. Ender's Game is still awesome though, even if I can't stand him as a person
    Polanski - The statute of limitations is over on this one. The girls' mom basically allowed it and the girl (who is now an adult) forgives him completely.

  5. What bugs me about Polanski now is how all these "intellectuals" defend him and say, in so many words, that he shouldn't be punished for his crime because he's a great artist. I'm talking about dipshits like Bernard Henri-Levy and the like.

    It's like a right-wing parody of Hollywood cluelessness. Sarahcuda couldn't write a better talking point for her real-America bus tour (if she could write, that is).

    Fuck Orson Scott Card. I didn't know he was part of the staff on Shadow Complex - I probably wouldn't have bought it had I known.
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  6. I don't like the idea of 'edge-breaking,' so I can sometimes. I believe ideas evolve and we should allow for that in our expectations.
    Boo, Hiss.

  7. It depends on what the actions/political views are, whether I think they're a big deal, and whether those actions/political views affect their work/output. Also, if I just don't like the person from the get-go, then it's difficult for me to keep things separated, like Tiger Woods. Fuck Tiger Woods.

  8. I bought Shadow Complex because he was a part of it. I suppose since I'm fairly conservative his stance on homosexuality doesn't bother me. But at the same time, I wouldn't stop buying his stuff if he were the direct opposite and championed gay rights.
    I'll have to do some research.

  9. For me it usually depends on how important they actually are and what the issue is. For Michael Vick's charges he should've been punished as the law stated, but I don't really see what influence that would have on his ability to play a game that is just fluff entertainment. I may not like him as a person but it's not like he was providing a real service in the first place. Same goes for Tom Cruise being a crazy nutcase, as while there's no legal issues that I know of with any of his actions, things like his Scientology wackiness don't affect how I view him when he's doing fluff entertainment as an actor in movies.

    On the other hand, politicians have real command in the way our country is run and they should be held to a higher standard. I'm not sure the Lewinsky/Clinton thing horrible, but it definitely reflected poorly on our country's leadership who is also a representative of the nation to other countries.

  10. It depends on what somebody is doing that is bad and what they're doing that is entertaining and/or effecting my life. I really don't care what an entertainer does, if his product is a good one, I will usually watch/buy it. A politician is a different issue because their job is one of integrity and when they show they lack that quality in real life, well; chances are that they lack it in politics as well even if it doesn't seem as such.

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