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Thread: Router Recommendations

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    I'm with cka.

  2. My mom actually just got the WNDR3500L and it's worked really well for her.

    Seriously, it's a suprisingly good router. The 3700 is even better specs wise and if it's as solid as this I don't see any reason not to get it

  3. ~bump~ with important information:

    should you ever need to upgrade your router in the future it's best to stay away from cisco/linksys unless you know you can flash it with a third party firmware

  4. I could've told everyone to stay away from Linksys years ago. Shitty company and shitty routers.

  5. I'm doing the same thing as yoshi, any recommendations?

    Edit: Now that we're a year out.

    Further edit: Nothing extravagant. I play consoles plugged in wired, and stream HD content over wireless.
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  6. asus rt-6 or rt-16 I think is the new cheap one everyone fawns over since you can flash it with ddwrt/tomato, the netgear one went through hardware revisions that limits its capabilities

    e: this one

  7. Right on. Pulled the trigger on that and got my wife a wireless n adapter for her old laptop so setup should be swift.

  8. Thinking of using Toastman's Tomato on it.

  9. Ok, decided I'm def. going with Toastman Tomato but there are like 400 different builds per version. Hrm

  10. I need to get an extra 10 feet of radial coverage out of my linksys e3200. If there some firmware i can use to juice it up? Im on a stock 2012 build.


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