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Thread: Router Recommendations

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    Router Recommendations

    I've been rocking the old Linksys WRT54G for so long that I wrote its model number without looking or even really thinking about it. It's time to upgrade, as it's started to drop connectivity, and I'd like to get N speeds. Having wired ports is also a requirement, as my PS3, 360, OnLive, and PC are hardwired currently. What router do people recommend in that space? I'm willing to spend for useful features, but they have to be price performers.

  2. If you want Gigabit wired ports get this:

    If you don't care about Gigabit speed for the wired ports get this:

    The first one also has the added bonus of being extremely future-proof since it has very nice dual band. That thing will die years before it's obsolete. If you can find the older 310 series by Linksys those had gigabit wired ports without the dual band and are a little bit cheaper, but they are harder to track down.

    I don't use or trust any other manufacturer after selling this shit for a few years, only Linksys stuff stayed sold, D-Link and Netgear shit came back all the time.
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    Do routers start to lose wireless connectivity over time somehow? Because it really feels that way to me.
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  4. Every second of everyday it is breaking itself just by having electricity running through it, as the transmitters wear down from use they do start to get wonky with connectivity.

    If your shit seems like it's getting weaker it's because it is.

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    I can't understand why, but it sure seems like it.

    Thanks for the quick and seemingly helpful response, Opaque.

  6. No problem.

  7. Time Capsule/Airport Extreme.

  8. i recently had to replace that very same router Yoshi lol. I picked up a D-Link 657 wireless n router. its not the fastest out there, but it did have gigabit wired. The price was decent. My conversion is going to take a while, since i have most of my shit connected to another router which is then connecting to that one, but ya, my wrt54g had to go also.

  9. I replaced a LinkSys router recently (don't recall the model #) for the same reason. I was lazy and didn't want to research so I just grabbed something at Best Buy. It's a Belkin N300. It's fine I guess except for one major issue that makes me hate it: it loses connection once every night as it does some mandatory reboot, and then I have to acquire a new IP. It only takes a couple clicks but it's still gay as hell.

    [edit]: Actually I can probably stop it from doing that in the settings somewhere now that I think about it...

    [edit2]: Nah, I forgot, I tried that already. It's not the mandatory reboot which is once a week, it's just its gayness.
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  10. the hot new ticket in routerland last I checked is the netgear WNDR3700


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