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Thread: Featherweight Template Changed?

  1. Featherweight Template Changed?

    I usually browse TNL on my cell using Featherweight just for speed purposes. I just logged in nmwith my cell now and it's displaying 100% differently now. It looks like one of the full-featured templates now, like We Mean Business. Did someone change it? It sucks. I mean, my phone handles the more complex templates fine, but it's annoying to have to zoom in and out constantly. Featherweight displayed perfectly so I didn't have to bother with that shit.

  2. I'm updating templates at the moment. It should be back to normal in about twenty minutes.

  3. There might be some other odd effects tonight across all skins. I hope we're 95% updated by Monday morning. I'm adding some more things to the forums and I want to be sure nothing breaks.

  4. Yay it's back to awesome!

  5. All good. Thx, Nick!

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    I was noticing some weirdness with avatars, glad to know there is a good reason.
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