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Thread: Anime Autumn 2011

  1. Anime Autumn 2011

    Maybe we should have a single catch-all thread for all currently airing anime? I think I still prefer the discrete threads per season for now, even if they end up tiny, but I'm flexible.

    Only a couple shows I'll definitely be watching out of the gate this season:

    Shinryaku!? Ika Musume

    Season 2 of 2010's surprise comedy hit chronicling the scrappy, skylarking, seashore adventures of an invading squid girl.

    I wanted to post a pic of the confident, but mischievous and slightly malevolent look she gets when she thinks she has the upper hand. It's an Ika-chan trademark expression, yet I couldn't find any good examples in a quick search. This one is cute in its own right:

    Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam

    Where the heck did this come from? Spin-off I guess of 2003's retro-futuristic epic. Here's hoping for a less convoluted plot this time around. Immensely talented and under utilized Range Murata returns for character/world design.

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  2. Wait, a new Lupin TV series?! WhaaaaaAAAAAAA

    Looking forward to that, Last Exile, Working s2, and Persona 4.

  3. I'm planning to give the following a try:
    Last Exile Fam
    Working s2
    Ika Musume s2
    Gundam AGE
    Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon

  4. I'll probably watch Lupin, I'll give Persona 4 a try, and I'll definitely watch Working Season 2.

    The rest meh, I"ll give them a try if you guys are loving them, but a lot (mainly the squid one compass mentioned) really didn't seem that great. Maybe it is though!

    Also, Finch and I have been watching Sgt. Frog on Netflix, and first off, the dub is AMAZING. Second it's for the most part really good, a few crappy episodes sprinkled in, but most episodes are two episodes in one so if one sucks the pace can completely change in the second half!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Station View Post
    Last Exile Fam
    Me? I'm calling garlic sauce.

  6. Fucking super fired up for Last Exile Something Something Fam!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hubbitron View Post
    Me? I'm calling garlic sauce.
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  7. Last Exile is a big surprise. I'll be watching that weekly.


  8. I'll be watching quite a few for sure this season:
    Fate/Zero - big fan of the Fate universe; F/SN got a mediocre anime production but they really stepped it up this time with ufotable and Yuki Kajiura.
    Mirai Nikki - fan of the manga and of yandere main heroines.
    Working S2
    Last Exile Fam
    Persona 4
    and Eiyuu Densetsu: Sora no Kiseki vol.1 whenever my BD comes in like two months.

    I'll probably check out Guilty Crown too.

  9. Soooo Persona 4's anime is kinda lazy. Reusing all the music is kinda uninspired, though it's not a deal breaker. But what's REALLY irritating, is the fact the stupid orange shading makes everyone look like they have a five o'clock shadow. Also it was kinda boring, EXCEPT WHENEVER CHIE WAS THERE! I'll keep watching it, but other than some changes to speed things along, it's pretty much the game, in anime form, for better or worse.

    Working!! S2! The new Opening is SUPER KAWAII DESU~~ and the second episode probably one of the best ones they've had since early season one. So there's that.

    Also I may go give Fate Stay a chance, I watched all of Stay Night, and thought it was pretty ok, nothing spectacular. But if it's better animated that could be pretty sweeeet.

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