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Thread: BETA: User-created Awards

  1. Kirby BETA: User-created Awards

    Now that you've had some time to get used to the achievements system (which figured at least somewhat into our big Gears of War 3 contest), it's time to test out a related function. I think this has a lot of potential, so I hope some of you get creative with it.

    There are several ways to express your individuality here on TNL. The most important, of course, is in the content of your posts, but we have avatars, biographies, custom titles you can create for yourself, profile pages, albums, and signatures. The wiki is almost ready for a comeback, too.

    User-created awards will be a way for others to recognize you, and for you to recognize others. Like the graphics for achievements, these will display near your avatar and will be listed in your profile for all to see. But these honors will be bestowed by other members of the community. Let's start with something very simple and conservative as an example: post of the month. If you make a particularly informative and/or clever contribution, someone can nominate you for Post of the Month. Then we could either hold an open vote or have a subset of members decide on a winner, and that person will get the award. If you look at a user's profile and see that he has a bunch of these, you will get a better feeling for his standing in the community - since we do not display post counts and join dates front-and-center, the way almost every other forum does.

    And, of course, there are some long-term friendships here. It was ten years ago this very month that GameGo's forums melted and the old GG and TNL crews became one and the same. If you want to give out some awards to your friends, you can not only name the award and provide the description, but you can also design the graphic for it. This can be done in your favorite desktop application or in the image editor built right into the forums.

    All awards should be requested here or via a private message to me, just so I can double-check that they are in accordance with our rules. If you're not good at making pixel art, request the award anyway and someone here will help you out with the icon, I'm sure. Chux can get some kind of monster-related award, Josh can get testicular recognition (maybe), our PC gaming advocates and guitarists can be recognized, etc. Maybe we can even have a couple of people here take ownership of the graphics, helping others on a regular basis with not only designing the award graphic from scratch, but tweaking submissions slightly to make them look and fit in a little better.

    You can't change someone else's user name or custom title, but this can be even better. What do you think:
    1. What's the biggest an award image should be (I vote for 32 x 32, but keep in mind that our achievement icons are 22 x 22)?
    2. Should a member be able to request an award for himself or should they all be granted by someone else?
    3. What kinds of general awards would you like to see?
    Awards given and received will be a factor in future contests and, perhaps, other special considerations, so let's figure this all out.

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    1. Stick to original format for conformity.

    2. Just my opinion it seems tacky for a member to request an award.

    3. Post of the month seems like a good start. I don't want to see awards for being annoying, I don't want to win that.

    Sexiest african american is one I'd like to see.

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    I want to be able to turn them off in my profile. In other words, if I "win" one, I want to be able to hide it from everyone. This has lots of potential to be about as bad as letting people change each others' avatar and custom status.

  4. incoming goatse sprites.

  5. Yoshi's just too modest to display his Sexiest African-American award. That can be taken care of, no problem.

  6. I want them to be 150x150. If you want me to see it at least make it shine.

    All award should be bestowed upon members not requested. You're a real douche if you have to request one.

    I give no fucks about having positive awards. If you want to put those on it's fine. But we should have a way of putting in negative awards, too. So others know who has been a real prick on TNL. You can even let mods award that one if you choose.

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    Maybe a compromise between Razors 150x150 and the originally proposed 32x32, maybe 75x75? There is a lot of unused space between a person's Avatar and their achievements in the header bar, a couple of user generated award icons could fill that in nicely (I immediately thought of the little Hubbitron face icon).

    I also agree that the awards should be bestowed, but I think that if a request was to be made for a certain thing then it could easily be put to a vote in a poll thread. That way if someone was really aching to get one and it hadn't been thought of already by someone else, there would be a very easy way to gauge the response.

    Maybe some general one's could start off simple, like a little red card for people with tons of infractions, or a general icon for the groups that you're in (Titty Vultures, Rude Owls, Asian Men Lifestyle etc etc).

    I personally think this is a really fun idea with a lot of potential. I also would like to see a lot of the icons created very simply, like in MSPaint, that way just about anyone can make one and those tend to be great. I'd be willing to give a shot making any of them.

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    I went thru some of my old PMs and saw an invite to the Arcade, didn't know it was gone. I swore played a game the other day or maybe not? There's people that like to compete and achievements with a game contest might work.

  9. I'm upgrading it this week. The old scores will probably be lost in the process.

  10. Well, they won't be lost lost. I know Timber said he almost fell asleep getting his Destructo Truck score, so we might keep some.


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