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Thread: Quick Reply box issues.

  1. Quick Reply box issues.

    Sometimes when I use the quick reply box, I get the 'Stay on Page/Leave Page' dialog thingy.
    It seems to happen randomly, and it usually results in a duplicate post.
    I'm using Firefox 7.0.1 for Windows as my browser.

  2. That warning is supposed to keep you from accidentally leaving the page while you still have a half-finished post in the quick reply box. The forum auto-saves now, to help prevent users from typing a long response only to see it lost because of a browser or connection failure. The "leave this page" warning is tied into that.

    Are you possibly pressing the post button twice or clicking a link too soon after your reply?

  3. Sometimes that's just what comes up when I click 'post quick reply'.
    I really have no idea why it happens some times and not others.


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