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Thread: The 2011 Obligitary Halloween Thread -

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    The 2011 Obligitary Halloween Thread -

    I'm not sure if I can get a date but I kind of want to go to a club with a Halloween Theme, but what should I dress up as? Any ideas?

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    It saddens me that the Halloween spirit is lost here. I just had an engaging talk with a lovely TNL female poster about how nobody has the creative spirit to give Halloween love.

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    Eh, I'm too old for a good halloween party and too married to be able to hang out with some scantily clad costumed girls. Not much for me to get excited about these days.

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    What are you talking about gohan? You should be receiving your AARP papers any day now!

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    Are we going to have the Jewish Avatars this year? I might just watch some Horror Movies, no date.

  6. I went to an early Halloween party dressed as Steve Jobs.
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    Did you dunk for Apples?

  8. We should have had a TNL pumpkin carving contest
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    You know, Zombie Steve Jobs would be an awesome costume this year.

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    I was invited to a halloween BBQ with people i hate so i dont think i'll be going anywhere.
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