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Thread: Don't **** with Retail Workers

  1. Don't **** with Retail Workers

    Bitches got served.
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  2. Overkill?

  3. ramon is a popo?

  4. Dude apparently spent a decade in jail for manslaughter before this. Women has brain damage. Everything and everyone in this situation is terrible.

  5. I love it! Who's a pussy now?

  6. (Shit like this happens everyday.)

    Both women were taken to a nearby hospital where Darbeau required surgery. They were each charged with menacing, trespassing and disorderly conduct.
    Good times.

  8. Apparently, the bitches tried to use counterfeit money, and got pissed when the cashier called them on it.

  9. I've no issue with this. Be an asshole in public don't be surprised if you get your shit cracked for it.


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