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Thread: Proof That Reagan Was The Best President

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    Proof That Reagan Was The Best President

  2. It was a trickle down genocide

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    I read this a couple days ago, and this seems as good a place as any to share it. There's a lot of insightful comparisons between Reagan and Obama from the eyes of a Canadian born and American naturalized billionaire Democrat.

  4. He's not actually talking about WWII in the video btw

    I'm about two paragraphs into the article Yoshi posted and I've already chortled a few times. Thanks for the funny Yoshi

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    Why do you have to ruin it DAVE?

  6. Writing soon after the historic downgrade of U.S. Treasury debt by Standard & Poor's, he wrote, "I long for a triple-A president to run a triple-A country."
    Yeah, the Republicans caused that downgrade by not routinely raising the debt ceiling like every other fucking session of Congress has done.

    But as Mr. Zuckerman ponders the Occupy Wall Street movement, he concludes that "the door to it was opened by the Obama administration, going after the 'millionaires and billionaires' as if everybody is a millionaire and a billionaire and they didn't earn it. . . . To fan that flame of populist anger I think is very divisive and very dangerous for this country."
    Oh you know, maybe they're mad because the banks made a trillion dollar bet they couldn't cover and all of them lost their homes and jobs because of it...

    Come on Yoshi. You can do better than this.

    The only solution Mr. Zuckerman sees now to juice the economy "is to broaden the tax base and simplify and lower tax [rates].
    Translation: Raise the taxes on the poor and lower them on the rich.

  7. Don't you guys already have a thread for that.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Shakey View Post
    Don't you guys already have a thread for that.
    Doc made a joke thread and Yoshi posted a joke link. I think the other thread is for srs bsns.

  9. I was talking to Dave mostly.


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