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Thread: The Pinball Arcade

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    Arcade The Pinball Arcade

    It's coming to everything, it has Bally, Williams, Gottlieb, and Stern listed on the page as licensors, it's by the developers who did the two Pinball Hall of Fame compilations, they claim to have over 50 tables lined up, and there's a licensed table (Ripley's Believe It or Not) in the trailer.

    Could this be the best pinball game ever?
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  2. Williams has been my most played game of the past two years. I need this. Any word on whether it's going to be a standalone release + DLC, or are they going the Pinball FX route?
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    It looks like the latter - an XBLA (and every other DD platform under the sun) release with DLC tables.

  4. They can have my money right now. Seriously, just back up the truck and I'll start shoveling the cash in. These guys make pinball that feels perfect.


  5. In all honesty, except for a scant few, the PBFX tables aren't really that good, if you compare them to professionally designed tables.

    Anyone who knows me already should know my opinion on this news, however.


  6. Awesome awesome news! I still play both HOF collections and will always buy whatever Farsight puts out.

  7. Rad, although Gottlieb tables are total butt.

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    Genie is pretty good. I hope that's on there.

  9. I'm there. Pinball FX(2) is fun, to be sure, but not quite the "real feel" to me.

  10. Holy shit, I'm so there. Take my money now.


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