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Thread: Grand Theft Auto 5

  1. Grand Theft Auto 5

    oh shit, it's about time... looks like there'll be a trailer next wednesday

    hope they can freshen the series up a bit after the vacation with RDR and LA Noire
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    I just want crazy arcadey driving back =[
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  3. GTA4 was my favorite one, Saint's Row makes me cringe, and I'm ready for GTA5.

  4. GTA4 was a much better game than GTA3 - it didn't have the horrible difficulty spikes, stupid missions, super crappy control, etc. But at the same time, as a game judged on its own terms it wasn't very good. The missions were repetitive and the disconnect between story and gameplay was almost as wide as Uncharted's. I sunk like 60 hours into that friggin' game so it had its moments but I was too burned out to tackle the episodes.

    Saints Row is like GTA3 but with good mechanics and entertaining missions. #3 is going to be awesome.

  5. Something about Saint's Row just comes off as gross to me. Like porn for people who fantasize about being a gangster.

  6. San Andreas is definitely my favorite. BoGT is in second.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda View Post
    Something about Saint's Row just comes off as gross to me. Like porn for people who fantasize about being a gangster.
    That sounds about right, I really don't like the characters and story. It's kind of vile actually. The problem is the mechanics are so good and the missions are so fun. I sort of wish it weren't so, but the games are too good to ignore.

  8. I thought vanilla GTA4 was boring but I really liked The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion. Fun characters, perfect length and base jumping.

    Saints Row is all sorts of fun so I hope part three is good.

  9. I got every GTA in that Steam sale and I'm having a lot of fun replaying GTA IV with the better graphics and I can't wait to finish it so I can play BoGT.

    That being said, I'll play this on PC but won't waste my time on consoles.

  10. Saints Row was the first of these sandbox open world games that I bothered to complete. Played 2 for a minute, 3 looks interesting.

    I wonder what the setting for 5 will be. NY and LA are done to death. Maybe do somewhere in the northwest?


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