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Thread: Grand Theft Auto 5

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  2. <3 pc

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    Wow that looks insane! The game was already graphically gorgeous, but that's nuts.

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  4. Anyone play this on ps4? Need online fix.

  5. And I'm mvs959.

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    I love reading about this stuff. I hope it makes its way to single player someday.

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    They keep on adding stuff to this game, and for the most part I've really enjoyed it all. The biker gangs give some nice bonuses when riding and the speed boost is cool. Grow houses and meth labs offer more missions for quick money. The Super races or whatever they're called that have all the crazy tracks in the sky are lots of fun, and the recent Tiny Racers addition makes it like Micro Machines back on the NES. Haven't done too many of the Adversary modes but they've continued to add to them. For the most part things work great, and the online is still pretty reliable, I've been impressed at the continued support for it.

    Edit: If you play on PC and want to join a clan that doesn't play too often, Fisting Susan is always open to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pineapple View Post
    Fisting Susan is always open to you.
    And everyone else too apparently.

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    The Fist doesn't discriminate. You're in.

  10. they won't add it to single player, there's no money to be made there


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