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Thread: Dodonpachi DAI OU JOU (JPS2), Eternal Poison, etc.

  1. Dodonpachi DAI OU JOU (JPS2), Eternal Poison, etc.

    These games are mostly great, but I can't give them the time and attention they so deserve. Prices include shipping.


    Mario Sluggers, $13


    Eternal Poison, $18

    Dodonpachi DAI-OU-JOU (JP), $70

    Buy two games and I'll throw in one of the following. Buy all three, you sweetheart, and I'll give you the lot of 'em:

    Tokyo Beatdown
    Nier (360)
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    Dibs on MK
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  3. Let me think about that poison.

  4. MK now resides in sunny Norcal.


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