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Thread: ComiXology and the DC/Marvel Apps

  1. After using this for some time, I think I'll stick with TPB instead. I got my Secret Wars one for less than the digital cost, and it rocks my shelf. The sales are mostly for modern stuff that doesn't interest me, and the prices for most of it is ridiculous anyway. $4 for a digital comic? LOL.

  2. It's only the same price as cover price while it is the newest issue and then it drops a dollar or two once the next issue comes out... the sales are not always "modern" stuff, they do all kinds of sales. They are also doing a lot more "trades" for various series as well. It's keeping me plenty busy and I like having a collection wherever I go, but I still buy physical comics too.
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  3. Im loving my rooted Nook Tablet and the perfect view app...

  4. What benefit do you have for rooting it? I just have a traditional Android tablet and love it.
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  5. Gotta root it 'cause the Nook Tablet has all sorts of special Barnes & Noble shit all over it otherwise. It also reserves most on-device space for B&N bookstore content! Boo!

  6. So why did you get that and not a regular Android tablet?
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  7. Because Nooks are everywhere, and cheap as hell.

  8. From what i read before hand and have now experienced, its a hell of a tablet once you get the B&N bullshit out of the way. Some say best tablet in its price range. I wanted a tablet for couch surfing and comic reading. The larger tablets seemed tOo unwieldy to hold like a book for extended periods of time. I love the nook's form factor.

  9. Fair enough... I have a 10" tablet and read on it all the time. Acer Iconia. Definitely a bit bulkier for those extended reading sessions but not awful. It'll be a while before I upgrade.
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  10. It'd be wise for everyone to wait a while before upgrading or buying one of these until we find out about this fabled "Nexus Tablet." Probably won't be called that, but you catch my drift.

    $150-$200 for a pretty decent tablet with no bullshit bloatware is what I'm hoping for.

    Say, SSJN, I heard that rooting a Nook Tablet was difficult, though. How hard was that?


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