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Thread: ComiXology and the DC/Marvel Apps

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    ComiXology and the DC/Marvel Apps

    Reading comics on the iPad is amazing. Books and I are on shaky ground after I bought a Kindle. Comics and I are DONE. The second I saw the ComiXology app the idea of buying print comics became instantly absurd in my mind. Is there a more inconvenient way to read a story than a stack of flimsy, clumsy magazines, carefully handling them with gloves and tweezers to avoid damage? Faggots? It's horrible. One less miserable physical object to pile up around the house and another kick in the nuts to assholes that love to collect rare shit. Win/win. I also downloaded the DC and Marvel apps and realized the whole thing is a clusterfuck. Not only do these apps still have a long way to go before they are totally awesome, but having three available is confusing, especially the shitty Marvel one.

    ComiXology is everything: DC, Marvel, lol Top Cow, Dark Horse, everything. DC is only DC except they don't have any Vertigo titles and random issues are missing (like the last ish of Planetary and the crossovers) even though they're available on ComiXology. Riddle me THAT shit. At the very least they were smart enough to let you log in to the DC app with your ComiXology account and swap all DC, Vertigo, etc. content back and forth. Anything you buy in one you get in the other. The Marvel app does NOT do this, and it is so horrible because of that. I guess if you only ever want to read Marvel shit and nothing else go with that.

    The only way to do this right is to start and stop with the ComiXology app. I was lucky enough to only buy stuff from DC, so that was easily corrected.

    The apps themselves need a little work. It's easy to find shit you're looking for, but the system could be used to rectify how batshit insane some storylines are these days. Say you're interested in reading something like the DC One Million storyline. OK, no ones is. Batman R.I.P., then. These retarded stories are intertwined between issues of several series. They could easily have the Official Timeline and List of Comics for Batman R.I.P set up, let you purchase it bulk at a discount price, and then let you read it in order. THAT would be amazing. Instead they have a one page ad in the related comic (all other ads have been removed) that lists all the issues you should buy, but not in chronological order. You hunt for the issues one by one, buy them, and then hop around reading them. Oh and also the Robin issues you need are mysteriously not available so that's cool, too.

    This is already revolutionary, but it could be so much better. It could be fucking game changing. ComiXology is always one of the top grossing apps, this just needs a little more effort to be amazing.

    Best new (they are new to me!) comics I've discovered from getting the first issue for free (ridiculously good idea, btw) are Planetary and Runaways.
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  2. Everything still costs the same as the physical issues, right? Not gonna pay $3+ a pop for a pile of jpegs. 99 cents a piece, or better yet, subscription model plz.

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    $.99 on sale, usually $1.99 and some of the new stuff is $2.99.
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  4. I have the Marvel and DC ones, and I've dowloaded all the free stuff I liked. I bought 2 issues (Secret Wars #2 and the first part of the Days of Futures Past saga from Uncanny X-Men) but they really need to get more stuff on there and lower the prices.I really love the whole concept of moving the issues from panel to panel and having comics on the go, but the selection sucks and they're too expensive. $2-$3 for comics I can only view on my phone? GTFO.

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    You can also use comiXology on the PC and ideally, an iPad or similar device. I would never get this just for a phone.

    Also, buying from the Marvel app is wrong!
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  6. Oh snap, reading it on the PC would be the bomb. That makes a world of difference then.

    You said you could swap your comics between the ComiXology and DC apps. So I can read the ones I have on CX and just delete the DC one? And it sucks that you can't just have one for everything. Marvel at its best, lol.

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    I think you can have ComiXology for everything, that was my point! The only way you'd be screwed is if you start with Marvel.

    And yeah, when you look at your comics you can log in to CX from the DC app and next time you use CX it'll mark everything you'd bought before so you can just download it again.
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  8. I downloaded the CX app and everything I had gotten from the DC app was labeled "download" so I got my comics back there and uninstalled the DC app. Marvel is just shit though. CX has more of its comics than its own fucking app, and nothing transferred over. Even the comics that are free on the Marvel one, like Secret Wars #1, are $1.99 on CX. Everyone else plays ball and Marvel has to do its own shit. Typical.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Mzo View Post
    $.99 on sale, usually $1.99 and some of the new stuff is $2.99.
    Thing is they all should be $.99. There's no reason for digital comics to be so expensive.
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  10. Yeah, the whole reason physical comics cost so much is because newsstands and supermarkets demanded it (and still stopped carrying them). I imagine the digital pricing is as high as it is because comic shops are threatening to stop ordering if digital undercuts them. Fuck 'em I say, once digital really takes off _which it needs lower prices to do_ the publishers won't need the shops.

    (And before anyone calls me an insensitive jerk for not caring about the shops... this is anecdotal of course and it could well be different elsewhere, but in my area, the shops that ONLY sell comics are all run by insufferable assholes, whereas the ones that sell hobby games, used video games, etc and have comics almost as a side business they could afford to drop but keep them around out of love, are mostly run by nice, cool people who make their shops places you want to hang out.)

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