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Thread: San Fransisco, California

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    San Fransisco, California

    I have been in need of a vacation. I told myself that if I was able to get a reservation at The French Laundry, my food Mecca, the destination would be San Fransisco. Fortunately I was able to get a reservation for the last day before a two-week break in business for the restaurant.

    So, fellow TNL'ers, Does anyone have recommendations for things to do? Places to go? Places to eat? Couches to crash on or otherwise cheap places to stay (I have pretty low standards)?

    I have not yet purchased plane tickets, but I will probably arrive Christmas day and leave New Years day, if I can get cheaper flights. I'm not sure if my dad can make it or not, so I may have a seat at The French Laundry, if you're interested in eating the best meal of your life. Unfortunately I can only cover my own tab, so the prix fixe menu is $270.

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    One less, if you're not there. Thanks for the help!

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    This thread is really going places.

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    It's a good town! I've been out here since March, unfortunately about six months of that was spent in low-access-to-cool-shit living situations, so I'm still figuring out the cool shit. Still, tons of rad stuff in the city.

    Not entirely sure where I'm gonna be in December (undecided on a trip home), but if I'm here you can crash on a couch for a day or two!

    edit: proper recommendations post to follow
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    I have to go, I've got loads more.

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    Unfortunately, I will probably only be able to fit one fine-dining event into the festivities, since it will be pretty expensive on its own.

  9. san francisco is my favorite city in the whole world. there is so much to see and do, depending on what neighborhood you're in. uhm, what do you want to see or what are you into?
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  10. Alcatraz looks like it would be a cheesy tourist trap but it's actually really awesome.

    Also cross the bridge and chill out in Sausalito for a bit.


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