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Thread: Hooking 360 up to computer/monitor?

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    Hooking 360 up to computer/monitor?

    How would I go about doing this? I figure a VGA converter would be enough to get it hooked up to the monitor, but I'm not sure how to hook up the sound in this scenario? I used to have a 5.1 set that I hooked up via optical cable, but I don't have that any longer and now have a cheap set of 2.1 that I plug directly into laptop.


  2. I believe the VGA cable has a port to plug in your shitty speakers.

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    Microsoft makes a VGA cable specifically for the 360, no converters required. For audio, it has RCA outputs for stereo, or an optical plug for 5.1, just like a regular 360 component cable. If your 2.1 set doesn't have RCA inputs, you can get headphone to RCA adapter to use.
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  5. Thats exactly the set-up I have. I have my 360 and PC on my monitor. The VGA cable was like 30 bucks. Probably have to order it online at this point. Monitor has built in speakers(which blow) so I have headphones that came with an adapter that brings it all together. I'm a nightowl so its a good set-up not to wake up my family while I game.

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    There ya go. That's probably a generic cable, but it doesn't much matter, I think mine is a $5 generic cable as well. Check the gender of your monitor cable, I had to get a gender changer when I got mine. It's only like a quarter on Monoprice or something stupid cheap like that.
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    Gender is correct.

    I also a 3.5mm Male to 2 RCA Female Splitter for a buck to make sure audio will work. Still not sure where the audio input gets plugged into, but I'll figure it out.

  8. if it's gonna be near your pc (and you've got a desktop tower), go rca l/r -> Y splitter to 3.5mm stereo -> computer line in

    that's the way my ps3 is all hooked up and I can control volume with the shitty realtek software on my computer

    e: saw laptop in OP, that might be more difficult... it MIGHT have a dual mic/line in port, but I wouldn't bet on that too much, if not just get a male to female 3.5mm cable and plug the speakers in directly
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    I bought both a m2m and m2f adapter. I figure with the two of them, I can figure something out, since I don't think my speakers have an aux in-- only headphone jack.

    Would I be able to plug into the input on my laptop, then speakers to the output?

  10. I use this set up. I rock SF like whoa.


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