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Thread: Surround Sound Headset Suggestions

  1. Surround Sound Headset Suggestions

    Anyone have experience with these? I got the Turtlebeach X41's and, while they're great, I think I'd prefer something wired. Sets with a mic for gaming use would be great, but it's not requisite. My ceiling is $250.

  2. Timber gave me a link to what he said was the "bomb diggity". They were $250 on Amazon. I'll see if I can find it again.

  3. The Astro's are great for gaming but mediocre for movies, although maybe the new headphones are better.

    A lot of people like to pair up the mixamp with a different headphone, although I'm not sure that is a road you want to go down. The headphone crazies are crazy.

  4. It seems like every gaming headset only decodes Dolby surround, leaving you SOL for most movies and DTS. That's why I love my pioneer set so much, as it takes both. Also because I got them for $45 on ebay. I had the X41's before them and had some slight problems with popping and some really terrible problems with lower end sounds getting really distorted, but the Pioneers have been flawless.

    That said, if you're mostly using them for gaming, I'd go for the wired Astro A40 system.
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  5. Yeah, popping/buzzing was my issue, too. That's part of the reason I'm looking to go wired.

    I'll probably be using them more for movies than gaming.


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