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Thread: Looking to Build a Desktop

  1. If you just want to check the hardware, install Windows 10.

  2. I want to use it for emulation, with it connectected to my HD CRT. Windows 10 would be my last option.

    The machine came with Windows 7 Pro, and Iím using that license to do a fresh install. I might have to roll it back to an older bios. I flashed the machine with a 2018 bios.
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  3. My 4790K rig has had a really good run. I'm seeing games like Shadows of the Tomb Raider and Metro: Exodus, pound that poor little 4 core/8 Thread CPU hard, even when I had it at 4.8 Ghz. The only part of upgrading that I'm going to regret, is losing such an awesome motherboard in the Asus Z87-WS, but that board has more features than I was ever able to take advantage of.

    Now that the Ryzen Zen+2 CPUs have arrived, the prices of the 9900K and 8700K have dropped into a range that I'm willing to pay. Luckily, I have a MicroCenter less than 15 miles from my home, and they offer a better deal than anyone on the motherboard and CPU combo. It's also nice that DDR4 prices have dropped down to reasonable, because the prices they were trying to sell them for last year were just insane, and kept me from even thinking about an upgrade.

    The 9900K at MicroCenter is now only $450. I think that it is a good price for a CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads. This thing will have a long time before it becomes obsolete.

    The 8700K has dropped back down to $300 there.

    I've been an Asus motherboard guy for my past 2 builds, but I really don't think that the current mid-range Z390 boards from Asus are all that great. I'm looking at this ASRock (Never thought that I'd do that) Z390 Taichi motherboard that has a great power delivery, more than 6 Sata ports and a nice overall layout. It's only $200 and with the $30 MC bundle discount, I'll be getting it for $170
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  5. Holy Fuck! It’s blown a fuse!
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  6. So, I was going to give the old 2500K PC a final run, early this afternoon. I guess it has been much longer than I'd thought it had been, since I'd last used that PC in the livingroom. The batteries in the mouse and keyboard were both dead, and I never saw an image on the screen (probably because of the keyboard and mouse), so I assumed that maybe it finally died. I figured now was a better time than never, to move the old i7-4790k setup into this case. And since I was sort of quarantining myself for the rest of the day. I decided today was the day that it was going to happen.

    Here's the old 2500K setup, with 16GB of DDR3-1600 RAM on an Asus Z67-Pro motherboard.

    Here's the old Corsair 950D Tower Case that I'd put it into, after I got an Air 540 for my main rig. Man, was it dirty.

    Here's the good old reliable 4790K, resting inside of this Asus Z-87-WS (work station) motherboard, with 16GB of DDR3-2133 RAM. The red RAM compliments the gold trim of the heat-sinks on this board. Sort of an Iron Man look.

    The good old EVGA GTX 780 Classified. The old beast still has a little life in it. It's still good enough for 1080p/60 gaming.

    I decided to put the Sound Blaster 3D Recon Fatal1ty Edition card on this board. It supports Dolby Digital Live.

    There it is, all cleaned up and fired up. There's red light by the graphics card, because the old Nvidia drivers were for the GTX 1080, that was once on this board.

    It's ready for some driver updates and a few tweeks.

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  7. I had to fix my sister's PC after a Windows update fucked up secure boot. I took out the hard drive to back up some pictures, and was completely baffled by the way the thing is built. It's an HP mini tower, but it has a laptop optical drive, an external power brick, and no expansion slots of any sort. The entire machine could have fit in a case about 1/10th the size. I had never seen a tower like this before, and I can't imagine why it was designed this way.

  8. Why is it called a mini tower, if it is as big as your suggesting?
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  9. That's just what that form factor is called. It's one size smaller than a mid-tower, which is still extremely big.
    I don't think true full towers are even a thing anymore. Nobody needs 8x 5.25" bays.

    It's like SIM cards. What most people call a full-size SIM is actually a mini-SIM, while a full-size SIM is actually credit-card sized.

  10. It’s just the way you were describing it. It sounded like something closer to a mid-tower.

    Yeah, most people use mid and mini towers for their builds, but for custom water cooling, the full tower is still ideal.
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