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Thread: Looking to Build a Desktop

  1. I'm not going out for canned air anytime soon, so I just took it apart and blew the dust off the old-fashioned way.
    That seems to have gotten it back down to normal temperatures, about 30C less than what they were before.
    It's a good thing too, because there's no space for anything bigger than the stock cooler, and I think it's proprietary.

  2. I've been building a PC for a friend, using some of my old PC parts. He didn't want or have a need to spend a lot of money, so I went ahead and bought a Zalman Mid-Tower case (from Fry's of all places) and managed to find a new 800 Watt 80+Gold Power Supply on Ebay. The prices of PSUs has gone out the roof, because of scarcity. I alread had a 128GB SSD for the boot drive and I decided to throw in a 256GB SSD for more storage. I got a 2TB NVME drive for my main rig, and was able to get rid of that smaller SSD.

    The back of the case has two places to mount SSDs. It's not a bad setup, but I would have liked to have seen at least a 3rd slot.

    The case had just enough room for this Asus Z68-Vpro motherboard and the Cooler Master Hyper N520 fit as well. There was plenty of room for the ECGA 780 Classified, which is quite a long card.

    I wanted to keep this build dark, but MicroCenter was nearly cleaned out of case fans, and the only ones they had left were the expensive Noctua models and the somewhat expensive LED fans. I ended up using this 120mm fan that I had in an old case. The case itself, came with 2 120mm fans.

    Here's the good old (legendary) 2500K running fairly cool (under load) at 4.7Ghz.

    Here's the one thing that is killing me. I wanted to setup the PC with some monitoring software, along with MSI Afterburner, with a pre-set ( This 780 is a beast once it's overclocked) OC for the 780. The problem is, that Windows 10 requires you to setup the PC for the user, so now it has my information. I'm going to try to put all of those programs on the D drive and hopefully it will still be setup once I do a restore with folders of Windows 10.
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  3. #973 going to do a major upgrade to my current pc, as its 7 years old and even new, it wasnt great. So here is my parts list of what I'm replacing. Reusing the haf922 case i have, and I already upgraded my psu to 850w 80 bronze.

    AMD 3600
    B450 Tomahawk
    16 GB DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory
    Samsun 970 evolution m.2 2280 1tb

    Gonna have to wait on the 3070. So my 1060 6gig is gonna have to soldier on. Any thing I need to change?

  4. You might want to wait about a month. AMD is about to release a new set of 5000 series CPUs with a much improved IPC.

    The official announcement will be tomorrow.
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    Thank you for the heads up sir.

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    Yeah. Gonna change the Mobo to the b550, And get a 5600. I'm not doing any streaming or stuff like that. Strictly gaming.

  7. It’s good enough for streaming, with its 12 threads. AMD has really put the heat on Intel with the 5000 series.

  8. AMD announced their new Big Navi GPUs today, and they certainly look impressive.

  9. If you’re wondering where all of the PC graphics cards are disappearing to, Crypto Currency mining is rearing its ugly head once again.

    Nvidia have sold $175 million worth of their 30 series cards to miners. WTF?!


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