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Thread: Open Challenge to TNL Arcade Gamers Who Think Them is Hot Stuff!

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    Open Challenge to TNL Arcade Gamers Who Think Them is Hot Stuff!

    I challenge anyone to defeat me in the TNL Arcade. See ya there.
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    i don't even know where the arcade is.

  3. Fuck this thread.

    I drag my dick across this thread.
    Boo, Hiss.

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    Rich I'm sorry for the late response to your challenges, but I will battle you. Arcade is MIA, this is the open forum to battle. Icarus I'll challenge you too.

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    If you were a slug, you could leave your mucus all over it as you dragged your dick across it, and that would probably be ok, because you'd be a slug and it would be expected.

    Edit: Goddamnit CoreIan

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    I just need challengers to beat on the TNL Arcade, are you scared?

  7. Find another hobby.

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    I thought the trouble I had finding the Arcade was the proxies? Anyways Rich I am working on some trophy achievements for this.

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    Rich or anyone pick a game to play against me. Great Job Nick!

  10. I have to go in and test each one again to make sure I have the score/time settings right. If you notice anything not saving the way it should, tell me.


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