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Thread: Holiday Shopping Season

  1. Holiday Shopping Season

    It's almost Black Friday and there are already good sales out there.

    Get all your leaked Black Friday flyers here.

    I won't be waiting in line Friday but I usually spend the morning online shopping where you can get almost all the sale items anyway.

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    Slick Deals is such a bunch of assholes. If you're just looking for games, use CAG's links.

  3. I couldn't find anything great the in the leaked flyers. The 50" Panasonic plasma at BB is the only thing worth leaving the house for if I was in the market. Save me Fry's!

  4. I'm not really looking for much. I'll probably keep an eye out for a bluray haul though.

  5. Holy crap! So, 4 bras for $50. 2 for $35 Grab bag. Know your size. Weird sizes, like mine. Potentially, I just saved roughly 150-200 dollars. Tell your woman folk.
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    Am I to expect hideous prints or styles when I order this grab bag?

  7. I doubt it. Looking around their site they didn't have many bras with any sort of prints. They'll probably be all beige.
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  8. I may very well take advantage of that site. Thanks, M!
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    My wife wants the PS3 holiday bundle for $200. That's a pretty good deal if you're in the market, since you get two games for the same price as the normal 160GB system. And anyone who buys a 320GB is a fool, since you can easily get a 500GB drive for the price difference between the 160GB and the 320GB. Or you will be able to again once Thailand dries off.

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    Tell her to get off of your PS3 and get back to the kitchen. There are sandwiches to be made.


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