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Thread: "I'm Staring at the Future of Gaming"

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    Quote Originally Posted by elfneedsfood View Post
    I thought Drangon's Lair was pretty amazing until I actually played it. The amazement quickly faded.
    Yeah when I finally played it years later I realized what it was.
    I watched people play that game in the arcade for hours as a six or seven years old though.
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  2. Metroid Prime- probably the most immersed I ever felt with a game to that point.

    REZ/Jet Grind Radio- there were a few DC games that transcended my view of 3D as mere model forms to more loose, expressive (and realized) visions.
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  3. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back- "Neat, that kinda looks like an AT-AT."

    Dragon's Lair-Neato! I'm playing a cartoon! 50 cents?!?! I can watch cartoons for free at home!

    The Legend of Zelda- "Wow! Gold cart with a battery in it. I'll NEVER finish this game! Its so huge!"


    Time Traveler- " Hologram gaming is incredible! Fuck, holograms control like shit!"

    Battle Arena Toshinden- Forget this 2D fighter bullshit, I can sit here at KayBee toystore and play this demo unit for hours..."

    Cyber Sled- "Damn dude, I feel like I'm in a ...cybersled. These controls are amazing"

    S.H.O.G.O.-"PC gaming, eh? I can kill other people that are pretending to be Transformers online?! AMAZING!"

    Soul Calibur"Fuck the arcade, lets play this shit at home"

    Unreal Tournament- " I'm playing this game for hours and its only a demo? Whoa! Pass the paper!"

    Battlefield 1942- "You're telling me that I can fly planes, drive tanks, and shoot 63 other people online?! BEST GAME EVER"

    Capcom vs SNK 2-"Fuck yeah, online play! Fuck, that guy just disconnected, again...Bastard"

  4. It's hard to say because my first gaming experience was 1985 at 4 years old and anything would have blown me away for a few years, meaning that the legitimate blowing away would have started in the early to mid 90s. That and I didn't play everything when it came out, so things like Ultima Underworld take a back seat. For me it always revolved around graphics and first person shooters (and PC games), so I have to go with the 'boring' staples Wolf (which was gameplay too), Doom, Quake (online multiplayer), Unreal and Gears. I loved the Master System 3D glasses though. As for gameplay? System Shock 2 I guess (the first one was cumbersome). But I have a very big FPS bias. For me that was one of the most playable RPGs.

    I might have hit the point where it would take a quantum leap to really impress me. I think Unreal was the last one, honestly.
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  5. I remember when games where measured by how many boards there were.... like those arcade games. Donkey Kong (home versions) had 2 or 3 boards, amazing!! Then Super Mario Bros came along and blew my fucking mind. Keep in mind I didn't have any access to computer games back in the day...

    I wasn't blown away by Mode 7, but those laser disc games like Dragon's Lair (and the one where you fly a jet or something) were amazing looking.

    When I first saw Sega's system 16 games like Space Harrier, Outrun and Afterburner, I thought graphics couldn't get much better. I still love Outrun to this day and probably will never get sick of it. If I ever have a house, I would like to buy the sitdown hydraulic version of Outrun.

    Doom is probably the single most impressive game I had ever seen. It was like virtual reality before the word became a joke. It was just mindblowing in every which way.

    After that, I got too old to be too impressed by anything.

  6. What a great thread! I'd agree with much of what has been said, but I'm rather easily amused by many people's standards, so much of what I saw in games from the time I was 8 until now has blown me away for one reason or another. Some standouts I can think of:

    Quake 2: My best friend's dad was a big PC guy and so we had played the hell out of the first Quake and were crazy about it, but when Q2 rolled out with rail guns and smoother textures and (for the time) absolutely incredible online play, we didn't know what to do with ourselves. Then we started playing with the mod tools, and we could make hideous character skins and our own levels and it was like a brand new game.

    Heavy Rain: I waited a while before I even got around to trying this, despite following it kinda closely since it was a tech demo. When I actually played it and got into it, man, it was something else entirely. Loved the atmosphere, the freedom (and lack of), and the graphics. Still one of my favorite games.

    Megaman 3: Back when all we had was an NES with Mario, Kung Fu, Excitebike and Tetris, I could rent like 1 game a month for a couple of days. I must have rented Megaman 3 10 times in a row, I absolutely loved it. Snake Man's level in particular. It was challenging and just looked SO COOL that I stopped drawing comic people and just thought up robot bosses for months.

    Virtua Fighter: First time I saw this in the arcades, my face was glued to the screen. I was used to seeing SF2 every now and again and this whole 3D thing shocked the hell out of me, I couldn't play it enough. Battle Arena Toshinden had a similar effect on me, but got played much less because I didn't know anyone with a Playstation, and I would only ever play it on displays at like Sears or something.

    Donkey Kong Country: The colors, Duke, the colors!!! I was so hooked on everything about this game. The gorgeous graphics, the great music, and the great gameplay. It helps that I was a rabbid Nintendo fan boy at the time and Nintendo Power hyped it up like it was the second coming of Jesus. I remember we were having an addition put on our house at the time. I was finally getting my own room after 13 years of sharing one with my brother, and I honestly didn't care, I just wanted to see the next level of this game.

    Killer Instinct: Kind of the same thing as DKC. Read aaaaaall about it in Nintendo Power and the screenshots had me on the floor. When it finally hit arcades and that sleek "Ultra 64" screen came rolling around, then the opening music... ahhh still gives me chills how awesome it is. Remains the number one game I would like to see given the "SF4 treatment", it could be SO. FUCKING. GOOD.

    God Of War: The game seemed kind of meh to me when reading about it, and then I played it for 20 minutes and got to the hydra. After brutalizing all three heads and then climbing inside the big guy's mouth and watching as Kratos just let the guy inside die, I was hooked, and I loved every game since.

    Notable mentions that have already been mentioned: Mario 64, Wolfenstien, Dragon's Lair, Hard Drivin', Soul Calibur (dunno if it got mentioned, but it should have).

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    Oh yeah, God of War was a big one for me too. Though it wasn't so much about the future of gaming as actually delivering on the promises of advertising. Video game commercials always seem to use footage that is slightly sped up and more thoroughly interpolated to make the game appear much smoother than the reality of it. God of War was the first game I played that actually moved as smoothly as that type of commercial promised - the incredibly detailed animation, excellent camera, and flawless framerate all combined to really make it the tour de force that advertising promised of every game.

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    Prince of Persia on a PC demo at a store.

    Tomb Raider and Super Mario 64 exploration and open environments.

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    There's only a handful of games I can think of which really made an impression on me as being something really spectacular purely for how it looked in combination with how it played.

    Wipeout at a Target kiosk. Hyperion at EPCOT Center. Super Mario 64 at a Microplay. Hyperdrive at Fryar Tuck's arcade of Calumet City, IL.

    Most other times besides that, if I really became impressed by a game, it was more for just how it played despite the graphics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    Another game - Shenmue. Yea it was dorky as shit and pretty bad but the NPCs, schedules, lots of detail, day-night cycle in a 3D world (games like Ultima VII did a lot of this and more in 2D) was really awesome.
    I can't believe I forgot Shenmue.

    Jesus Christ. I also left Street Fighter II out.


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