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Thread: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

  1. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

    Hey, so Platinum is developing this.

    That means it might not suck!

    revengeance is a real word?

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    I was just coming to post that. Interest +1000 (starting at 0).

  3. Pumped as fuck.

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    Looks sick, can not wait.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by FirstBlood View Post
    Hey, so Platinum is developing this.
    My penis is now filled with so much blood. SO MUCH.

    We'll see how long that clip lasts posted up. I think it's going to be the last trailer I see for this title until it's time for release.

    Now with an officially released trailer!
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  6. Sold. I was neither dismissive nor excited about this, but that trailer looks a lot more fun than the old footage.

  7. Did I miss something with all the Re-stuff? What's that all about? How can they re-anything a game that never came out?


  8. it's a reboot

  9. That word should have been in the trailer too.


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