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Thread: Roku boxes

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    Roku boxes

    Sooo, my room mate wants a Roku box. Does anyone have one of these? Any opinions or known better alternatives?

    Yes, I could google this, and I have, but I figured someone here already had a really good grasp on the best way to do paid streaming entertainment.

    Personally, I'd just set up the 360 in the living room with netflix and download anything else that isn't on there (or just download everything for free). But my room mate isn't tech savvy and never will be.
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  2. I've got one of the older models and use it exclusively for netflix. The only problem I've ever had is that whenever the power flickers or goes out I have to manually go in and press enter on the saved wifi password for it to be able to connect to my router. It dosen't have the best interface ever but it's functional and decent. I think the new models they sell are tiny, mine is a little bigger than an old double CD case.
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    Well, we have an xbox 360 in the living room. How hard is it do all the same stuff? I think the roku does netflix, hulu, amazon prime streaming and has channels.

  4. The remote control has like 4 buttons and a d-pad. Nothing is complicated. I've tried out amazon's app and it works just fine, didn't see much else worth getting on their app store though.
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    It's good for netflix and hulu+, there aren't really any other apps worth getting excited about. Maybe pandora. Your not going to be able to plug in a harddrive or stream video from your PC, though. It's super simple, though, and pretty cheap. Don't bother with the gaming controller, I haven't seen anything worth playing for this. You won't be able to browse as easily as on a PC, either, but it'not a big deal. The worst thing I've noticed is the remote eats batteries super quick.
    So yeah, I think the closest thing is going to be a logitech revue or boxee, and that will cost at least twice as much and the remote has a keyboard on it. The roku's much simpler and a good price.

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    I don't think gaming, plugging in hard drives or streaming video off the PC is an issue to him. He's not tech savvy at all and doesn't want to be.

    Lets put it this way, he's the kind of guy that would buy a new computer before upgrading the memory because the computer is slow. If it isn't Microsoft word, windows, or a web browser, he is fucked.

    EDIT: Which is why I'm surprised he wants to move to streaming. We'd been having cable because he watches lame reality shows. Lots of cooking and fashion ones. I've been telling him he (us) have been shitting money away by having cable for a year now.

    My friend loaned him his Netflix pass and he's been watching a lot of British movies. And I downloaded the next top model final for him two days after it aired in less than an hour. I guess he's finally starting to see the light.
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  7. What are you hoping to get out of the Roku that the 360 can't do?

    Because I'm 99% sure the 360 does all the same shit (netflix, hulu plus, amazon video), even streaming stuff from your computer if you really want to.

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    well, the nice thing about the roku is it would be his. And he could take it with him, where ever. The 360 is mine.

    EDIT: And I'm wondering if the Roku is plugnplay. If it is easier to use than the 360, then wonderful.
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  9. If he can use a cable box then he can use a Roku with ease. The hardest thing he'd have to do is set up the wifi, and that's the same no matter what you use.
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  10. Roku has Amazon Streaming, that's about the only advantage it has to the 360, other than not needing gold for Netflix.

    I have one for my living room, and keep the 360 in the game room.


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