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Thread: Steam Holiday Sale - Dec 19th through Jan 1st

  1. Steam Holiday Sale - Dec 19th through Jan 1st

    Steam sales are back. Today through January 1st.

    Daily Deals...

    Monday the 19th

    Portal 2 - $7.49
    Portal - $2.49
    Bunch of Heroes - $2.49
    Orcs Must Die - $3.74
    Max Payne Bundle - $3.74
    Just Cause 2 - $4.99 (all DLC and original game also on sale)
    Metro 2033 - $4.99
    Rift - $7.49
    Singularity - $7.49
    Pendulo Studios Adventure Pack - $12.49 (Runaway 1-3 & The Next BIG Thing)
    Sam & Max Franchise Sale (75% off) - Complete Pack = $12.49
    Fable III - $12.49
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  2. Does anyone have any gifts that they're wanting to trade?

    - Half-Life 2
    - Half-Life
    - Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

    I'll trade for whatever. I'll update if I get any more.

  3. I currently have:
    - Portal
    - Half Life 2 Ep 2
    - Coupon for 50% off Call of Pripyat (LOL)
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  4. I have a lump of coal and 50% off anything Valve (which I pretty much own all of already).

  5. Stuff I can trade from the gift pile:
    1 Coal
    -25% off Valve
    -50% off Section 8: Prejudice

    Stuff I've had that I can trade:
    Half-Life 2
    bit.trip beat
    Defense Grid
    Super Meat Boy

  6. I'll give someone an HIB3 code for a coal

  7. Did the Defense Grid Achievement just now, moar coal!

  8. I took me so long to figure out holding down F speeds up the game.

    Fuck achievements that require 36 waves

  9. SERIOUSLY. I played a whole game, got a silver, then saw fast forward.
    I bought it just for the sale/coal but decided that $3.99 for all the dlc with the game wasn't so bad.

  10. Yeah the same thing happened to me. The Psychonauts one also took about an hour to do since you need the pyrokinesis.


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