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Thread: Under the Radar SNES/Genesis Games

  1. Under the Radar SNES/Genesis Games

    So, this is kind of an offshoot of my motion sickness thread. Due to some advice I was given in that thread, I have recently taken up retro gaming because I'm finding that I can tolerate these 2-D games a lot longer, without getting sick, than the 3-D games. I still have to limit my playtime to about an hour at a time, because the visual stimuli can be a bit much, still, but it's better than no games at all.

    Right now, my main focus is on SNES and Sega Genesis games. I pulled my SNES out of storage, along with the 20 or so games I have for it, and I've been having a blast. I recently purchased the Genesis off of EBAY because I've never owned one in my entire life. So, now I'm going to focus on building up a respectable library of SNES and Genesis games for the time being.

    Some of the bigger titles I need to get are pretty obvious: Zelda, Super Metroid, Vectorman, Castlevania Bloodlines.....etc.....

    However, since I'm going to be playing a lot of old school games, I think I'm going to need to dig a little deeper into the SNES/Genesis catalog. Do you guys have any suggestions for hidden gems that are must plays on either system?

  2. Pocky & Rocky
    Tiny Toons
    Goof Troop
    Secret of Evermore
    The Kirby golf game

  3. Earthbound
    dracula x
    aero fighters
    mega man x3
    Pier solar
    speed racer/mountain bike rally
    John madden 93 championship edition
    super turrican 2

  4. Pocky & Rocky was the shit. Ogre Battle also.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Gaiares isn't brought up as much as I think it should. It's a great game.

  6. If you're having trouble with motion sickness, maybe you should play some single screen games, like Super Buster Bros. for SNES.
    The lack of scrolling playfields might help.

  7. Cybernator
    Metal Kombat
    Gain Ground

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Nei View Post
    Gaiares isn't brought up as much as I think it should. It's a great game.
    Love it! First game I taped myself finishing. Accidentally taped over a copy of Henry: Portrait of a serial killer. Great memories all around!

  9. SNES:

    Jaki Crush
    Alien 3
    Pop N Twinbee


    Eliminate Down
    Herog Zwei
    Alien 3

  10. Top-tier Genesis games are probably the Shinobi games (namely Revenge), Herzog Zwei, and the original Hard Corps. I'd say to save stuff like Gain Ground (and other arcade games) for better ports or MAME.

    Cybernator/Assault Suits Valken is one of my favorite SNES games. I still have a lot to play on that platform, though. I hear good things about Ninja Warriors Again and Darius Twin.


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