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Thread: Under the Radar SNES/Genesis Games

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    Try to get a local seller for PC Engine Duos but I'd say $160 - $250 depending on if it has a box and condition otherwise you will get killed on the shipping.

  2. Consider using Amazon when buying individual games and occasionally jump on ebay for those rare bundle deals. Back when I was seriously into collecting I had a page open on ebay so that with every refresh I'd have all of the latest listings. Prices were better back then though because not everyone knew what the heck their stuff was worth but you can still luck out if you have the patience.

    I looked at a handful of Genesis games on my blog, you can poke through there if you like.

    Otherwise hmm..I wouldn't know where to begin. I've played pretty much every worthwhile Genesis game so I'd be here all day if I started listing stuff.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jyoung View Post
    Dude, the first day I went from my shitty RF box to Red/Yellow/White cables on my SNES was like becoming a reborn Christian.

    Down with the devil (RF)!

    Also, for cheap SD TVs, check your local Goodwill. Much cheaper than craigslist.
    I have 2 Sony Wega 32" (4:3) HD CRTs. I had paid $850 (2005) and $500 (2006) for those televisions. I was checking out Craigslist about a month ago, and saw someone giving the television away for free. It weighs about 160 pounds, so I can understand why someone would just give it away. I really love those old CRTs, because they they smooth out the images of older consoles like the Genesis.

    This ad is selling one for $30.

    Here's a few examples of games using composite on a SDTV 27" Sony Wega and the 32" HD Wega.
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Name:	Castlevania 3.JPG 
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Name:	Castlevania B4.JPG 
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Name:	Castlevania B2.JPG 
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  4. While the CRT HDTVs I've seen look better than LCD HDTVs, they also definitely make some lag. If you do go that route, at the very least get a nice dedicated scaler to help lower it (though likely not completely remove it).
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Originally the genesis games came in the awesome plastic shell cases. Towards the end of line, they switched to the god awful cardboard boxes. Im pretty sure people have made custom inserts for those games though which you can print out and put into the shells. Pretty nifty.
    Super Nintendo were always cardboard and as a result, it's much more difficult (and in some cases-no pun intended- much more expensive) to find snes games CIB in good shape
    You should stay away from those universal cases if you want a uniform collection (if you don't care, then they're a good option. The seller just restocked too). A fellow over at my forum has taken up the task of making retail inserts for games that came in cardboard Genesis boxes. He also makes manuals! Another fellow has created a shit ton of custom inserts for games that never had boxes, are fan translations, etc., along with every single game in the 32X library. Acclaim's 32X games came in clamshell cases, and I'm slowly cannibalizing every one I find to give my 32X collection all clamshells. Every one of the custom inserts can be printed for standard Genesis clamshells or universal cases. I print them up at Copy Max on glossy paper and they look spectacular.

    With the aid of these two fellows, I've placed every one of my 300+ Genesis games in clamshells with inserts. It looks bitchin' on my shelf!

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    There are a few options for breaking into Neo Geo:

    Neo home system: $125-$250 depending on condition, mods, etc. Most good games are still fairly expensive. Also, I have a couple of spare NGH systems, wink wink.

    Neo CD: $100-150 for a toploader. Games are cheap for the most part, and you can get yor yaaaarrr on if you so desire. Fighters newer than KOF 94 suck with load times, I generally use the cd system for shooters.

    Consolized Neo MVS: prices all over the place, I paid $200 for mine. MVS games are mostly dirt cheap though.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Tain View Post
    While the CRT HDTVs I've seen look better than LCD HDTVs, they also definitely make some lag. If you do go that route, at the very least get a nice dedicated scaler to help lower it (though likely not completely remove it).
    I was playing the original Guitar Hero (PS2) on that HD CRT and never noticed any lag. Guitar Hero 2 (Progressive Scan) felt just about the same, so I don't believe this Sony CRT has much of a lag issue.

    I had been using this CRT for quite some time, but I thought I'd dust off the old 27" Sony Wega to play a little Lightening Force. It looked pretty decent with the good old pixeled screen, but the colors just didn't pop like the HD CRT and during the intense parallax scrolling areas, it just seemed to look much better on the HD CRT. I really need to pick up a scart cable and one of those scart to RGB converters, since both of these sets support it.
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  8. The only reason to play Knights of the Round:

  9. One of my friends got me a copy of "Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse" on the SNES for Christmas. I played a bit of it the other day, and it seems like a solid game...great graphics and solid control... but fuck...there are some really cheap hits/deaths scattered throughout the first few levels. lol. Also, I didn't expect to see loading times like this on a cartridge.

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    Sega CD version trumps the other. Can you do PC Engine Neo Geo under the radar thread? I have alot on my mine.


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