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Thread: Converting xbox controller to 360.

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    Converting xbox controller to 360.

    I has a xbox arcade stick that i love, i also have a 360 arcade stick i bloody despise. i've seen guides on splicing the xbox controller to a usb controller. would the same set up work if i did this to work on my 360. the wired controllers basically use usb connections. i have no more use for the xbox connection on the stick so cutting it up is no problem for me.

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    The simple answer is no, there isn't an easy way to do it. Unfortunately the 360 will only allow MS certified devices to work on it. What you would have to do is take an exisitng 360 controller and hack it to work with your current stick. If the 360 stick you hate has a common ground PCB, and your Xbox stick uses standard microswitched buttons and stick, you would just have to rip all the Xbox stuff out of the old stick and run wires from the buttons to the PCB out of the 360 stick.

    It would probably be easier to either mod the 360 stick into something you like, or just get a new stick.
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    i am dissapoint. thanks Gohan.


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