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Thread: 360 games and 250gig hdd

  1. Xbox 360 II 360 games and 250gig hdd

    I traded in my old 360 and got a new model, so the 250 gig hard drive is up for sale. I bought this earlier this year so it was not under heavy use.

    Shipping is extra, paypal gift preferred and there are a couple of pictures here.

    250 gig hard drive for old model 360: SOLD

    Mafia II: $7
    Bad Company: $6
    Nier: $8
    Darkest of Days: $5 (good for achievements, lol) - Timbered
    Divinity II: $5 - Timbered
    X-men Wolverine: $11
    Beatles Rockband + RB Metal track pack: $5
    Fable III (new): $12
    Halo Reach (download game code): $14 - ARBM
    EDF: Insect Armageddon: $12 (shitty armor code used)
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  2. I'll take Divinity II & Darkest of Days.

    PM me your paypal info and how much you'll need for shipping.
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  3. Prices lowered!

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    If these are still available in a month I'll grab Fable and EDF.

  5. Sounds good pineapple!

  6. Sent you a PM kof


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