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Thread: Completion Thread 2012: Hai! Dekimashita!

  1. Completion Thread 2012: Hai! Dekimashita!

    1. 999 - DS

    Played through several times. Should have the last ending shortly. Interesting game. Certainly stands out in the system's library. It's a bit surreal to read "Fuck!" in a DS game. I'll be there for Good People Die.

  2. Nice thread!

    #1: I just 1cc Dodonpachi Resurrection on iOS. Now trying to do the same with Bug Princess on hell difficulty.

  3. #1: Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

    Quality action game, one of the most fun I've played all year. I think it got ignored because of the terrible title and it got bulldozed by bigger titles when it came out. Definalty worth taking for a spin, I think it took me around 10 hours to finish on Normal (had some tough spots in there too, I imagine Hard offers a significant challenge) and enjoyed the whole game. Melee and ranged combat is really satisfying, has that visceral quality that the Gears games have.

  4. Finally finished Metroid Prime 2, after only 5 years or so. It reminds me just how much I hate backtracking these days, and how my patience for it has diminished, but it was worth it. Superb game, not nearly as bad or hard as I was expecting. Time to start Paper Mario, then maybe I can actually get into the current gen and play more Wii and 360 titles before new hardware drops.
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  5. 01) F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (Hard mode, found 60/76 Intels & 6/13 Reflex Boosters, PC version)

    Hard mode is a big step up from the Normal mode in FEAR 2, unlike some other FPS titles. Quick saves were in the first game, but neither the 360 nor PC (and surely PS3) versions have them. The return of the first game's garage battle theme is welcome- it goes well with piloting one of the powered armors and tearing the shit out of everything in sight with its high caliber machine guns.

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  6. VVVVVV 3DS: I LIKED THIS A LOT. I got all of the shiny things. except i cheated on the one by lowering the speed to 60% after about 400 deaths.

  7. Prime 2 was trash.

    Only Prime 1 is real.

  8. Modern Warfare 3 (360 - Veteran) - didn't think it was nearly as hard as other COD/MW's on veteran with maybe the exception of the final sequence.

  9. #1.

    Definitely my game of the year for 2011. Aside from the frame rate dropping to single digits and the occasional glitches - all examples of Bethesda's inability to code worth a shit - this game was simply amazing. 175 hours to get the platinum trophy, and I can't wait for DLC!
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  10. 2. VVVVVV- I liked it so much i finally downloaded the copy from that humble bundle AND I BEAT IT.


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