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  1. The Artist

    I was going to post something in "I Just Watched," but I think enough people 'round here would be interested in this that it merits its own thread. It's about a proud silent film actor that gets pushed aside by the advent of talkies. It's a silent film itself, and a shrewdly self-aware one, toying with its format and the audience's expectations thereof without ever coming close to being irritatingly self-reflexive. But that's not what's important.

    What's important are the impossibly animated performances, the impossibly expressive photography, and the so impossibly gorgeous that I'm not even sure I saw this movie at all Bérénice Bejo.

    And the best performance by a dog in the history of movies. And John Goodman.

    I can't believe something like this exists, but I'm glad it does.
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  2. Hmm...sounds interesting.

  3. It's a really fun movie! I started looking forward to watching it again before it had even ended.

  4. It's got some serious Oscar buzz behind it too. I want to check it out.

  5. Interesting.

  6. Is it?

  7. I can't be certain.

  8. Nor can I.

  9. BE CERTAIN. I saw it again. If you can make it through this movie without smiling, you're dead, dead as a rock.

    This will probably be up against The Tree of Life for Best Picture. It is the anti Tree of Life, which is the highest praise a movie can receive.


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    This looks aweeeesome.
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