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Thread: Where do I get commissioned pieces?

  1. Where do I get commissioned pieces?

    I was wondering if there is a specific website or such that I could go to to get a Sketch done for me? I am trying to get a picture of David Bowie (non ziggy) sitting at a pub across a table from wolverine sharing a drink together and talking to put on a shirt for my friends birthday. Thanks for any help.
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    If I were you I'd just go visit deviantArt or Tumblr for an artist that you like and get their contact information or find some way to speak of them on the side. Most any of them who aren't Big Time Artists are all probably willing to do commissions.

    How soon do you want this done?

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    The guy that did the Quarantines record covers does commissions. His name is Alex Fine.

  4. Or go to any comic book convention. You live in NYC where like, every comic book artist ever lives, so go to Midtown Comics or JHU and ask around.

  5. Why are you at a bar instead of the hospital?

  6. I don't know what you're looking for, but if i wanted a picture of David Bowie sharing a drink with Wolverine, i'd ask Lamar Abrams.

  7. I DREW ONE JUST NOW. They will go home together.

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  8. That's really pretty far out, man.
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  9. Well i didnt want to insult anyone but i guess that happened anyway. I knew the money wasnt nearly enough but thought you guys might have fun doing it and then i would have a piece of tnl history on display. There's a whole thread full of free doodles. But I suppose that's different.

  10. I was thinking about magazines and how the fact that they arrived periodically (monthly, for instance) as this physical package that would make my day. I would read magazines cover and cover, refer to them endlessly, share them with others and quote them aloud. I can tell you exactly where I was in my life for many, many Nintendo Power and Next Generation issues based on their covers alone. For instance, I could tell you that I was reading the NextGen issue
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