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Thread: radiangames Starts an Indie Bundle Program, Too.

  1. radiangames Starts an Indie Bundle Program, Too.

    $10 gets you a bunch of classy, radiangames psychedelia. Worth It?

    Dan of Ben & Dan warned of a glut of indie bundles incoming on Twitter. How many of these things are there?

  2. $10 feels kind of exorbitant after the pay-what-you-want things and the Steam holiday sales. Aren't the XBLIG versions of their games usually a buck apiece?

    How many of these things are there?
    IndieRoyale does a new bundle every few weeks. Radiangames' Super Crossfire was part of the last one. IndieGala says they'll have a new one soon.

  3. I've gotten a few Indie Royale bundles. Not as consistent, but still pretty good. Super Crossfire is AWESOME, too. Odd that they start their own after being in that bundle so recently. Hm.

  4. It's $10 for 4 games. That's not an unfair price. Also, it's not a bundle as these things go but rather a discount off the retail price due to advance-ordering. The success of the Humble Bundle has led to lots of copycats (many of which I've bought), but this should be exempt from that categorization.


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    Who needs three versions of Geometry Wars?
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