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Thread: Anime Winter 2012

  1. Anime Winter 2012

    So what manner of roasted chanime dumplings do we got for these frosty months? Er... not too much. Good thing the surprisingly solid Guilty Crown continues into this season...

    I've already dropped Another, Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki, and Kyousogiga (not a series yet, but I was not impressed with the preview episode). That leaves:

    Mouretsu Pirates

    Senhime Zesshou Symphogear

    But both of these are kinda "meh" territory so far. We'll see.


    Didn't like 96% of Bakemonogatari. BUT. They've toned down the constant barrage of subliminal text frames (thank you, Jesus Christ). That is a HUGE step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the inane conversations are in full force. But then, so is Hachikuji!:

    The first season had *so* many cool ideas buried under an avalanche of pretentious nonsense. It's time for redemption, I say. Some environments have a Mirror's Edge thing going on. I will endure.

    I'll also be giving Gokujyo. a whirl when it finally starts airing later this month.
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  2. This is what everyone should watch...

    It's the best show.
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  3. I almost mentioned it! But I'm still on the first season... And I knew you would anyway.

  4. Kyousogiga looks so enticing... Those flat colors and stylized characters call out to me! But it looks like if it's not handled excellently it could just be FLCL-wannabe too big for it's own pants. Compass, you said it wasn't good, but i need to see it myself!

  5. Those clouds and those kids look like Windy Tales... Is it trying to trick me?

  6. It was trying to trick me... It was more like Summer Wars x FLCL, but it wasn't bad! I liked it a lot. It did try a little too hard to be crazy at times, but when it walked the line this side of trying too hard, it did it well.
    Too bad the pink lizards and youkai stuff were only for being WEIRD and CRAZY. I thought they looked really cool, it'd be nice if they had some purpose.
    Compass, is Kyousogiga supposed to be made into some kind of series? It doesn't seem like it needs anything beyond that one episode. I'd still like to see it with a little more meat!

  7. I thought I remembered reading it was going to be a series, yeah. Could be wrong.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Compass View Post
    Oh man, I've heard good things about Bodacious Space Pirates. I think I'll wait for a domestic release for it. Too much else on fansub that'll never make it that's worth my time.

  9. Watch Natsume Yuujinchou instead! Ignore the description, it's boring. Instead, just look at this fat cat:

    That's all you need to know about the show.

  10. oh my god that cat is so fat


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