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Thread: These RC helicopters with the gyro are the shit!

  1. These RC helicopters with the gyro are the shit!

    Lame thread alert!

    I got one of those Silverlight helicopters 2 years ago like many people. I could fly it and there was some semblance of control, or at least I told myself that. Then I got bored of it in 2 weeks.

    Jump cut to now. I grabbed one of the new ones off Amazon with the gyro built in. Holy Shit! This is what everyone wanted the whole time. You can fly it 100% in control. I can hover it in one place, go up, down, forward, backward, and spin clockwise or counter clockwise with precision. I can fly it through my house navigating doorways and down the hall. Landing and takeoff is no sweat. I like trying to land on targets. I wouldn't normally make a thread about some stupid toy I bought, it just turned out to be one of the most awesome things ever.

    I have the Syma S109G. Highly recommended!

    Anyone else playing with these?

  2. I got one for my girlfriends nephew this Christmas. It really blows my mind how much cooler toys are now than when I was a kid. Flying toys were like serious business 'adult' toys when I was a kid, and cost hundreds of dollars.

    Now you can get one of these things for like 30 bucks that flies perfectly. Shitty battery life though

  3. Itt: bongs?

  4. #4
    My bud has one that has a little camera and can be viewed/controlled by an app installed on a smartphone. Smartphone controls aren't perfect but it's pretty badass.

    He wouldn't tell me how much it cost. Ah, to be single with disposable income!

  5. What's the best use besides scaring pets?

  6. Intercourse.

  7. BUYING 4!

  8. Flying them right into someones face and having the propeller fuck them up

  9. Delivering high explosives.


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