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Thread: Broken Age (formerly Double Fine Adventure) (Finally complete!)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by AaronChance View Post
    I think he should just make the game he wants to make, within whatever budget he ends up with. Most people don't really care about 2D vs 3D, just the more vocal forum trolls.
    This is as much a production question as an artistic one, though. It's more about "What can we get done with this money without overextending ourselves."

    Also, 2 million, woo.

  2. Just got a new update from Kickstarter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Double Fine
    This project has really grown into something much larger than we were expecting, which is-scientifically speaking-awesome. Many of you have been asking if this means we’ll be taking a bit more time with the production, and the answer is yes. This is not a cute, quick little game anymore. This is the real deal. This is a capital-G Game. This means that some rewards might show up a bit later than originally intended but fear not, it’s all to make sure we provide you with something that is worthy of the love bomb you detonated over Double Fine. Kaaaaa-blooooxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxo!

    That’s the sound a love bomb makes.


  3. For any of you lunatics that are allergic to digital distribution, you can now get a disc release of the game+documentary for the low, low price of $100!

    Also a soundtrack for $30, a digital art book for $60 and the same art book in physical form for $500. It's a steal, really!

    edit: There's also a 30 minute Ron Gilbert interview by Tim Schafer.

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  4. Eh, that's kinda bullshit.


    I see the side-effects of the Doublefine Kickstarter are already beginning.


  6. I don't get it.

  7. They're both seeking 400k?

    I don't get it either.

  8. Well I found it funny. "I created a different type of role playing game that was similar to D&D but more fun" so give me $400,000 with just this skull &... some kind of torch? Mace? Drum-bopping thingy? logo as a placeholder. Trust me, I'm legit, and you'd do it for Tim Shaefer.


  9. I think it's a plunger. He's also retarded.


    A much more appropriate and deserving side-effect of DoubleFine pulling off a kickstarter.


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