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Thread: Modified Ignore for Subscribers ("Total Ignore Lite")

  1. Modified Ignore for Subscribers ("Total Ignore Lite")

    There have been some complaints about the large, ugly message the forum displays whenever a user loads a post made by someone on his ignore list. If you have Firefox, there is a Greasemonkey script available that will hide the message. For those who do not want to install a third-party script on their PCs, for those using other browsers, and for those surfing on the Featherweight skin, I present a 100% safe and simple alternative.

    Those who have a subscription to remove forum ads will also find that posts from ignored users are now completely hidden in the main forum skins and the Featherweight skin. As of right now, I have not gotten it to work in the Mobile skin, and it will probably not work in the phone app anytime soon. There will be no placeholder text where an ignored user has posted. There will only be the void.

    You will still be able to see their profiles, their names on forum indexes (e.g., "Last Post By" and "Thread Starter" information where applicable), and anything of theirs that was quoted by a non-ignored user.

    If you are a subscriber and you want to look at a thread normally, drop me a PM or tell me here, or just switch to the Mobile skin or the phone app for a quick peek.

  2. Sexy. I'll give this a spin later.

    Sweet way to get subscribers too!

  3. Seriously. Korian and Buttcheeks finally have a reason to be on this board: to get Nick paid.

  4. Long con?

  5. Masterstroke.

  6. Awesome. But it doesn't appear to be working for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    Seriously. Korian and Buttcheeks finally have a reason to be on this board: to get Nick paid.
    Stop piquing peaking Peking Duck peeking at my list.
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    Next, TNL will work to make me happy by making all posters that have me on ignore see flashing red lights, flame gifs, and loud noises while the Benny hill theme plays. All of my posts will be beamed straight to the minds of apple product users.

    You will have to become a monthly subscriber at 19.95 to make this go away. It will be a non-benny hill TNL package subscription.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post

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