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Thread: Searching for a good HD Camcorder!

  1. Chicken Searching for a good HD Camcorder!

    I am currently shopping for a solid HD camcorder (budget range - approx. $500 or less) and was hoping some of the tech gurus could provide a few suggestions.
    I have a project that I am working on and would like to actually pick up one today. Best Buy has a few that seem decent, but would greatly appreciate some additional input.


    - USB/HDMI support
    - Good zoom/range
    - Excellent audio
    - Image stabilization
    - Video light/audio sensor/light sensor (optional)
    - 1920 x 1080 p
    - Great battery life (has to be at least over an hour without the need to have additional batteries or hook up to AC)
    - Good software (don't want crap that I have to waste time visiting the online resource for additional drivers. It needs to work well with Windows 7 so I can get footage easily uploaded to Youtube)
    - Compatible with iMovie (so I don't have to spend hours converting - - may just get Final Cut as a compromise if a device that offers 90% of what I am looking for).

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