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Thread: Gravity Daze/Rush

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    Gravity Daze/Rush

    Fuck Uncharted, this is the first must-have Vita game. It's scheduled for launch everywhere except the US, and we won't be getting it until, like, May? Fuck.

    The main premise is that you are probably the only attractive ganguro girl ever. There is a cat that looks like he is made up of outer space, and you have the ability to cancel out and then reorient gravity. This is primarily used to show off how cool her hair looks while she floats around.

    If you have a playable Vita display near you there should be a demo for this installed. The game handles very naturally with dual analog and gyro controls. It also just looks amazing.

    Say whatever about Japan, but when their insanity produces something this creative and stylish, all those suicides and used panty vending machines are totally worth it.
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  2. I played the demo of this for a few minutes in Gamestop and really liked the look of it. When I get a Vita someday it's top of the list.


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    I think this is the movie you wanted.

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    I'm on the iPhone, I'll fix it when I get home.
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  5. Bought it on JP release, seriously, it's the only Vita game worth looking at. Too bad it's going to flop hard everywhere.
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  6. Yep, this is literally the only Vita game with a firm release date I really care about, day-one DLC notwithstanding. Not watching any videos, though. I think the NA May date is placeholder. Could be out in NA sooner. It's DD only in EU.

  7. June 12th in America now.

    This is bullshit.
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  8. f'real.

    How much Japanese would I need to know to get through this? I'm hearing stuff about the HK version being in English, but I don't want an HK account.

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    I'd be scared of missing out on DLC in the future by importing something I'm this into.

    They better be adding like 10 new levels blaring Dragula or something.
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  10. Sort of.
    Download content for Gravity Daze will start on March 22, Sony has announced. There will be a total of three downloadable content packs with one being released every week for three weeks.

    Each pack will run for ¥400 (roughly $5 US) and will include one costume for Kat, two side missions and three challenge missions. One of the three packs will be titled “Spy Volume” which will include a “Cat Suit” costume for the game’s protagonist, Kat.
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