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Thread: Supreme Court to Decide if Schools Should Actually Base Admissions on Merit

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    He's implying that money isn't being managed well, or going to things that it shouldn't go to. Like they are taking money for the new computer lab and spending it on drums.

    A lot of schools can be pretty bad about spending money on fun things instead of things that would help students later when they go job hunting.

    Though school by and large is pretty bad at getting people ready for careers.

  2. I'm half-joking, but yeah, those instruments certainly aren't cheap. It just seems worth a little scrutiny that that specific slice of urban schools seems to get all the funding it needs year-in year-out, while nothing else does.

  3. Mcshig says poor folks can't have nice things. You white folks get your land rovers, fake tittied models, and penthouse apartments. You really going to begrudge a brother for getting a shiny fucking piccolo?

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    If you remove the humor and borderline racism from his argument, there is still a valid point. A lot of people are poor because they mismanage their money.

    I don't know about your state, but there are plenty of poor people here that live in shit that still have nice stuff like big flat panel tvs, smart phones with the best cell package, xbox 360s. And I see plenty that can't afford decent clothes for their kids, but will cart them around in a Mercedes or Cadillac with a 1000$ rim package on them.

    This kind of thinking starts young too. I went to school with plenty of kids that short changed their education because they'd rather work to get stuff than focus on school. If a kid wanted a new cell phone and a new car, they'd get a fastfood or walmart job with horrible hours. They'd spend the entire check on the car payment and the phone bill. And their work would fuck them on goofy hours and they would either A. not get sleep on school nights and/or B. Not have time for school and not do their hw or try or C. Become jaded with school because of how easy their shitty job was compared to school.

    I'd dare say that 50 to 75 % of my senior class will never be able to leave MS because of that kind of living. They didn't care about their education. They didn't think ahead. They spent almost every dime they got as soon as they made it.

    Scrouge McDuck would be so ashamed of them. They did not pay attention to the Disney Afternoon. And if they did, I guess they learned everything they know from Baloo

    I'd be impressed if any other country has a poor class with more stuff. It is amazing that we can all own so much fucking shit, and yet have no real mobility or leverage over our own futures in this country.

  5. That's why I am so disappointed with Magic now. Dude has spent his entire post-HIV career building businesses and employing people (as opposed to most former athletes), then goes on TV for a fucking rent a center ad - telling people to flush away their tiny amounts of money on bullshit at usurious prices. The ad even talks about how you'll get treated with "respect" - code for "we will rip you off with a smile, even if Best Buy wont."
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    Rent a centers are a joke. Their entire business plan is based on people not being able to do basic multiplication or/and not being able to wait for anything.

    I remember when the first 360 came out, one rent to own had it for something like 12 payments of $75.

    That is like 900$

    And they probably sold some that way, because stupid people thought "oh man, I make 1200 every month. I can afford 75 a month easy!
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  7. Well that's the point. It was just disappointing to see a guy like Magic out there shilling for them, using language like "respect" and "dreams."

  8. You want to know where a lot of my cynicism and lack of sympathy for the poor comes from? Between the months of February and March we make thousands and thousands of dollars from people spending their tax return (how is it a return if you paid nothing to begin with?) on 360s and ps3s and tons of games. We refer to it as Ghetto Christmas (before you start trying to throw out the race card on me, white people live in the ghetto too. It's true!)
    Then in April, May, and June a vast majority of these people come back to sell it all back to us for a fraction of what they paid because they're broke. I've experienced this cycle of ignorance for the past eleven years. I see a lot of the same people doing the same thing year after year. It's so goddamn depressing.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    (how is it a return if you paid nothing to begin with?)
    You cannot be serious. You know these people are getting back money they paid, right?

    People who paid nothing don't get refunds. Some of them get refunded everything they paid into federal income tax because they weren't required to pay into it and did anyway, but no one gets back money they didn't pay, it's not welfare.

  10. Frog, a lot of people accuse you of talking out of your ass without knowing what you're talking about. Allow me to add to the dog pile. Are you familiar with earned income credit? Apparently not.


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