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Thread: Supreme Court to Decide if Schools Should Actually Base Admissions on Merit

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    When I think Walmart I think of what one would refer to as white trash. Maybe that's just me.

    I also buy stuff from Walmart sometimes because they are very conveniently located on my way home!
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  2. Eitc is exactly a negative tax. It was designed to create an incentive to work for people who were
    in a low income environment. Dog's example was pretty gross though, for my tastes.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Mzo View Post
    Did he mention a specific race? I didn't see it when I read the post or when I glanced back at it just now.
    I don't know a lot of white people named Shaniqua, but maybe it's just where I live.
    Quote Originally Posted by dog$ View Post
    ps: You mean 1099s, Frog.
    Yeah, that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda View Post
    Also, holy shit is your post racially uncomfortable, especially for a discussion that was thus far involving only brokedick white people.

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    Frog why does his example bother you?

    Black people make up the largest portion of the poverty rate in the US. They are over double that of whites. Also, 59% have kids by multiple dads. And 66% of black mothers are single parents.

    So it is much more likely that black families would be doing as Dog$ described. His choice of names was unfortunate, but it is fair to guess that more black parents do what he is talking about than others.

    Shit. We're in a thread about affirmative action. Either minorities are worse off and need it or they are not worse off and they do not need it. The only thing that would be racists would be to assume that they are worse off because of some quality that is innate to their genetics. That they are poor and their poverty is naturally related to being born black.

    I think the level of PC that you've displayed does minorities a disservice. You're not going to help them by pretending that poverty and the issues that cause it are somehow equal across the board. Nothing is going to change so long as people avoid asking about what socioeconomic and cultural factors have hurt one group more than others. Its stupid that people have to worry about helping a poor black person because by addressing their specific issues, it might imply that not all black people are perfect or that black culture isn't 100% awesome.
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  6. No, it is. That doesn't mean his information is any less informative.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    Frog why does his example bother you?
    It was a discussion about a bunch of crackers in Rochester and me, and all of a sudden he throws out paragraphs of black stereotypes. It was forced and uncomfortable. I didn't call him racist, but clearly there was a lot of pent up racial tension spilling out in that post.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by dog$ View Post
    You don't need to guess - you already know - what most of them are going to do with it.
    Enroll in the local community college?

  9. Frog just wants to deflect the fact that he was wrong. Again.
    Also, isn't it a bit racist to assume I was talking only about white people in my two examples? Hilarious.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by SSJN
    My point was this stuff all depends on whether or not kids are involved. The dude who made $7000 was originally just going to file on his own. All he was going to get back was $300. That's when his sister (who is on welfare) stepped up and said he could claim her kid as long as they split what was going to be given. His $300 return then turned into a $4500 return.
    I would have held out for more.


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