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Thread: Shootmania Storm

  1. Shootmania Storm

    Ganking stuff from this NeoGAF post.

    Looking really good, though I think the map editor looks very outdoor-focused. Like, uh, a racing game's map editor.

    PC-only, of course, and it looks to be priced like TM2 Canyon (20 Euros). Comes out "this year".

    Click for full size

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  2. Not exactly what I'd expect as part of a franchise.
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  3. The previews make this sound pretty crazy:
    Boost pads!

    I'm probably a lock for day one just to see what it's all about.

  4. They ever release any videos besides that one from like a year ago that was entirely in foreign-speak about the editor?

  5. wow, yeah, that preview does make it sound crazy. Weapon squares? Whoa.

  6. My only question is: is there collision detection on the dudes?
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  7. Just make Quake III.

  8. whoamg

  9. RAD

    Nadeo's awesome. I'm going to be sad when Ubisoft spits em out.


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