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Thread: Jumping to last post

  1. thank you for fixing this.

  2. Has there been some change to the forum software in the last week or so?
    I've been having lots of issues with the little thing that's supposed to jump to the last unread post, and I'm constantly seeing threads listed under "no new posts but some unread posts" or whatever.
    When I go to a thread using the 'last' button, it sometimes completely skips over posts that I have not read, and sometimes jumps to much older posts. It seems entirely random.
    Also, I shouldn't see any old threads with unread posts at all, since I always click 'mark all forums read' after opening the threads I want to read.
    This never happened to me until maybe a week or so ago, and now it does it all the time. I'm using the latest build of firefox win32, and I use the classic skin.
    I'm not doing anything now that I haven't been doing for the last five years as far as browsing habits go.


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