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Thread: Blip bloop [v.3]

  1. Blip bloop [v.3]

    Thought I'd try and revive an old TNL discussion and see if there aren't still some heads here who dig the electronic music genre. I did a quick search back and found a few related threads that I'll link to below. And here's a small sampling of what's in regular rotation on my iPod:

    Bluetech - Waiting for Initiation

    Bluetech featuring Lynx & Janover - To Mend

    Tycho - A Walk

    Plaid - Masato Shuffle

    Solar Fields - Introduction (from Mirror's Edge)

    H.U.V.A. Network - Ephemeris

    Booka Shade - Regenerate

    Trentemøller - Shades of Marble

    Way Out West - Surrender (Eelke Kleijn remix)

    Phutureprimitive - The Changeling

    Trentemøller - Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! (Lulu Rouge feat. Abdullah S. remix)

    Nero - My Eyes

    Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead remix)

    Zeds Dead & The Killabits - Bassmentality

    Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar remix)

    Bassnectar & Jantsen - Red Step

    So what we've got here are a handful of IDM and ambient tunes, then a few house tracks and finally some more bass-centric tunes with a bit of dubstep thrown in at the end. Solar Fields is, IMO, one of the grand wizards of ambient and he's also one half of H.U.V.A. Network. Ephemeris, the full mix that I linked to, is, for me, THE perfect ambient LP and is the barometer by which I measure everything else in the genre. And, yes, I do like bass music and some dubstep, which stems from a life-long passion for stereos and audio equipment. That Tempest Freerunning Academy video features Bassnectar's remix of Lights by Ellie Goulding, which is why I included it here... plus those guys over at Tempest are absolutely redonkulous and it's just a cool video. Also, and not that anyone cares, I'm going to see my first Bassnectar show in Philly next month and I'm definitely completely stoked about it!

    Related threads:

    So what are you all into?
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  2. And because he's the fucking man, more Trentemøller:

    Trentemøller - Take Me Into Your Skin

    Trentemøller - Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!
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  3. Tycho is nice and a great graphic artist. He has a very good blog at ISO50. I've liked bassnectar for awhile, I need to get the his new album and I've heard he puts on quite the live show. Trentemoller had this one fan made video showcasing a visual plugin for Itunes....soon after apple bought it and replaced the old one with it. I still need to check more of his stuff.

  4. Yeah, I dig Tycho a lot. I've got his blog buried in my Delicious bookmarks somewhere. He's replaced Boards of Canada as my favorite IDM artist, although that was kinda by default because BoC haven't done much of anything that I'm aware of since, like, '06. I guess they've finally got something in the works though, and I'm anxious to hear what they come out with after their 6+ years hiatus.

    Trentemøller is probably my favorite electronic music composer. He's definitely up there with the likes of Plaid, Dousk and Trifonic for me. His shit is just wicked and I'm dying to see one of his full shows.

    I'm seeing Bassnectar on Friday. Should be an experience.
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  5. Tycho just announced a north american tour. Sadly no dates in the south east for me.

    I seen plaid live once with the album leaf. Tiny venue and a show I'll hold dear to my heart.

  6. Compass, check it out:

    ...that's my framed copy of Music Has the Right to Children on vinyl. It's one of my prized possessions.

    Rtificial: Just grabbed a couple of tix to Tycho's NY, NY stop in July. Thanks for the heads-up!

    Also, I HIGHLY recommend going to see Bassnectar if you ever get the chance. That dude can DJ his fucking ASS off and I've never experienced anything quite like it. I mean, the Liacouras Center was filled to the brim and he had everybody going absolutely bananas, almost non-stop, for the 2 1/2 hour set. I don't exaggerate when I say that his music is seriously bonkers live and the energy of the crowd on Friday night was just ridiculously ridiculous.
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  7. Image isn't showing up for me. How come it's framed? Is it hard to come by? 98% sure I bought that on vinyl as well during my DJ phase (100% sure I bought the vinyl of the album after that... which I didn't like as much), and 85% sure I know where it is right now.

    BoC is love. I will give some of these links a listen. I've mostly leaned towards dance-oriented d'n'b and IDM over the years. Never took to dubstep.

  8. Huh, weird. I must've taken too long to post or something, because the attachment was definitely showing for me last night. I'll fix the link when I get home this evening.

    I have a few of my favorite vinyl LPs framed and on the wall in my living room. I just think it looks cool. I don't know if MHTRTC is rare or not, but it was my fav album from my fav "band" for years and represents a specific era of my life. So I guess its value is mostly sentimental. I had a copy of the Geogaddi gatefold vinyl in my hand back when it came out but passed on buying it because, yeah, it wasn't that good.

    LOL, I went through a "DJ" phase too in college, although I suppose I'm still kinda into it. I mess around with Ableton from time to time and even dust off the old Technics and play a record on occasion.
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  9. Life sometimes gets in the way of my DJing and music production...but I always come back.

    Sadly thanks to work and living in the woods I missed record store day, I wanted that DJ food album on vinyl.

    Here lately I've been taking pics of some of my favorite labels cover art and special vinyl.
    SME records from the early to late 90's
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    Peaceoff which is still kicking and I'm about to get copies of my records digitally from their new digital shop.
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    Oh and if you've not seen this yet. New squarepusher...I'm excited!

  10. Whoa, that shit is sick! I wasn't aware that Squarepusher was doing anything new. He's like Daft Punk's evil doppelganger now... you know, if they were a one person act instead of two. What I've always liked about Tom Jenkinson is that his music is so unstable, barely holding itself together with only the slightest semblance of a consistent melody or structure. And yet there IS order beneath the manic chaos. At least usually. Certainly makes for some interesting listening and I can't imagine what it takes to piece a track like that together. Anyway, he seems to have toned down the skull-fuckery some but I'm liking the direction that he's going. Also, and maybe I'm just easily amused but, I'm really geeking out to his new LED setup! I'll be keeping my ear to the ground to find out when (if) he'll be touring in my area.

    Cool pics. I'm not familiar with Smile or Peaceoff, but 4hero sounds familiar. I have a copy of BoC's A Beautiful Place Out in the Country and the vinyl is baby blue like that one you've got pictured.

    Got any links to any tunes / sets that you've put together?
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